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Prometheus Producer Talks Sequels, Blu-Ray

There’s new interview on with Prometheus producer Michael Constigan who was on the red carpet for last night’s London premiere. He talks about potential sequels to Prometheus and about the recent viral videos. The most interesting thing he talks about is the Prometheus Blu-Ray set. It sounds like there won’t be any kind of radical director’s cut. He says there is some additional material but the cut in the cinema is what Ridley Scott intended.

Obviously Ridley’s known for doing director’s cuts of his films, quite epic long ones. This comes in at two hours, so how much is on the cutting room floor, and how much will we get on the Blu-Ray?

The nature of those director’s cuts has changed with Blu-Ray. There’s certainly some additional material that can be added, I think enhance a few things. It’ll be to show more, it won’t be because he feels dissatisfied with this cut, this is the cut he stands by and loves, there’s no major secret looming that hasn’t been included – at least not that comes to the top of my head. There’ll be some goodies. I think also in this one, a lot of the things we’ve explored in the viral pieces, have also given him – I think that’s what’s been so satisfying for him. What’s so satisfying about the process is that some of the things a director looks to do, those viral films allow you to kind of explore some different ideas.

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