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Guy Pearce In Prometheus?

This is in no way an official confirmation or news. Movie website, CHUD, has posted up a tidbit from an e-mail they received:

“Evening Nick, my mate is working on Prometheus as OMITTED and met Guy Pierce on set today. She’s previously worked on OMITTED, OMITTED and OMITTED and I’ve no reason to believe she’s lying. I’ve not read anywhere about Guy being cast so thought it might interest you.“

They posted an additional comment to say since posting the article they’ve received 2 more e-mails confirming the initial post. I’ve also asked Fox for comments. Watch this space. Thanks to Darkoo for the link.

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed by PlayList that Guy Pearce has in fact joined the cast of Prometheus.

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  1. Promethean Fire
    I really hope Pearce has a substantial role in the film.  Got a feeling its just another cameo though.  Plays a Weyland exec on Earth who sends Noomi and the crew off on their mission or something like that.
  2. JaaayDee
    There was already a statement in 2010 that there was a role being sought out for a colonial marine general; and this was when Lindelof was already attached to the project.  It's not like I'm entirely spouting crap out of my ass.  It's still a possibility.
  3. Shasvre
    He's now confirmed!

    Rumors had been flying around for the past few days about Guy Pearce taking a role in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated and top-secret "Prometheus" after CHUD caught wind of some intel from their sources. We put in a few calls and it turns out that morsel of info is bang on.

    The Playlist has confirmed with reps for the actor, that Guy Pearce has joined "Prometheus." There's no word yet on what his role in the film is, but he's joining an already solid cast in the film that both is and isn't a direct prequel to "Alien"—essentially, it will take place in the same world with some connective DNA stringing the two films together, but how much more than that remains to be seen.

    Pearce joins Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Rafe Spall and Logan Marshall-Green in the film that is currently in the midst of a six-month shoot that started in Toronto and is currently in front of cameras on soundstages in London. The film will hit theaters on June 8, 2012.

    Edit: Dang, ninja'd. :'(
  4. Ratchetcomand
    I hope he is in the movie. He was awesome in "Two Brothers" (2004) and LA: Confidential back in 1997. The only bad movie that was in "The Time Machine" (2002).
  5. CainsSon
    Holy crap. I dunno about everybody else but, I am so satisfied with everything I am hearing about this so far. Everything, even a lot of the rumor mill stuff all point to this thing being on the right track. I have yet to hear ANY news that makes this thing sound even remotely dissappointing.

    If this Ilatest news about Guy Pearce IS true, what we have here is one seriously exceptional cast.

    All I need to hear now is who is scoring.
  6. D.Hicks
    I hope Scott does not repeat Alien by killing off the whole cast and making the android played by Fassenbender the antagonist again. The story should be told differently with multiple survivors and go from there. Not just follow the heroine, but multiple characters the audiance relates and roots for.
  7. D.Hicks
    He is a talented actor, definitely a great addition to the cast. I could see him as the ships Captain or military officer on board. I hope its not just a supporting role or cameo, but a lead.
  8. Michael Harper
    I think Guy Pearce is one of the best actors working today. Animal Kingdom was fantastic. And, I love L.A. Confidential, Memento, The Proposition, and even his miniature part in The Hurt Locker.

    I sure hope this true.

    He's working with Charlize Theron too, in The Road. Though, they never shared any screen time!
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