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Could Guy Pearce Return for Prometheus 2?

Guy Pearce Peter Weyland Could Guy Pearce Return for Prometheus 2?There’s some minor Prometheus 2 news over on IGN who have interviewed Guy Pearce about his new movie The Rover. Pearce says he’s open to returning as Peter Weyland in the Prometheus sequel. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… How can he return when he died in Prometheus but I suppose they could still bring back the younger version of Weyland in a flashback or something. Or he could take part in the Prometheus 2 viral campaign like the TED Talk for Prometheus. Weyland Industries is still very much at the core of the Alien/Prometheus series so this wouldn’t be surprising.

The question is, would Pearce be down to come back for a sequel? “I’d love to go back and play that character again,” Pearce said. “To work for Ridley again, you know, he’s great — really wonderful to work for. So yeah, I’m very curious to see what he will do next with it.”

In Prometheus, Weyland’s ultimate goal was to achieve immortality — but is such a thing possible in the Prometheus universe? “Well,” Pearce surmised, “based on my character’s request for immortality and then getting whacked in the head with Michael Fassbender’s head, uh… no. [Laughs] But I think it’s possible. I just think it may not be for Peter Weyland. I mean, who knows? When you look at science fiction and the ways in which you can cut the pie and things can develop — technologically speaking, etcetera —¬†anything’s¬†possible, really, isn’t it? Particularly with Ridley at the helm.”

We last heard Ridley Scott was currently scouting for locations in Australia and Prometheus 2 is still rumoured to be opening in March 2016. Thanks to Lemonade for the news.

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  1. Spoonman101
    Ahh, there are some actors that have pulled it off convincingly.
    As for this guy "Pierce" having him return is likely going to have it in flashbacks or as an android. Almost too predictable...
  2. Ghostface
    When David is talking to Weyland in cryosleep there was a scene of a younger Weyland on a yacht telling David to try harder. I love Pierce but I still think it was a poor decision.
  3. HuDaFuK
    I'll never understand casting Pierce as Weyland. Did they really cast a young guy, then encase him in old-man prosthetic makeup (which always looks fake, no matter how good it is), just so he could appear as himself in some promo scene that isn't even in the actual film? Why the hell didn't they just cast an older actor?
  4. OpenMaw
    I'll send you a PM shortly Lemonade. The fan edit has some good ideas, some of the reinserted scenes are great for the characters, a few of the musical cues are horribly balanced and unneeded. (In particular a usage of JG's Alien theme that plays when Janek finds the Juggernaut... Oi. Not fitting at all.)

    As far as the TED talk, I think it works in the context of what the fan edit was trying to do. it moves the focus more towards Weyland/Vickers. Guy Pearce's presence is much heftier, as is Idris Elba.

    And yeah, the Cave scene is redundant. It's not in the fan-edit, and you don't miss it's absence.  :)
  5. SM
    QuoteYeah, I really don't like the cave scene. I just want to get to space by that point!

    That seven minutes must've been terrible.  Did you live?

    Quote from: Ghostface on Jun 21, 2014, 04:31:11 AM
    I feel the same way about the cave discovery, as it's literally described and explained again 5 mins later.

    No, it isn't.  We see the painting and get a few hints, then Charlie and Elly explain it after they wake up.  It's pretty important to the story. Unlike the TED talk which develops a character who's barely in the film.
  6. Kimarhi
    The cave painting was bullshit anyways.

    How can you divulge translated alien mathematical measurements from a cave painting. 

    That nigga could've been teaching early humans how to play basketball for all Shaw and Holloway knew.  That was Paul Anderson lame. 

  7. BringbackJonesy!
    One of the biggest disappointments I had with PROMETHEUS was the fact that it didn't include any footage of Guy Pearce as a younger Peter Weyland. 

    I loved the whole TEDTalk sequence in the futuristic arena, and that's why my copy of Agent9's PROMETHEUS:Special Edition fan edit is my go to version, seeing as it's included at the beginning.

    As I still feel that Pearce deserved a moment in his prime in the original, I'd be more than happy to see even a flashback involving him in some way in the sequel.  Not that I think his character will be included again in any way in the next one, but who knows at this point?
  8. whiterabbit
    Alright, how's this. For reasons not logical, David08's head insists that Shaw recover Weylands Body and put it on ice for their trip to the engineer home world. Out of sheer convenience. Shaw agrees to this after David08 reminds her of the TRILLION bucks Weyland corp put up to fiance this debacle. Once there the engineers resurrect Weyland. God does not approve of this and sends man xenomorph. The ship of course never makes it to earth.
  9. SM

    Hello friends.  My name is Peter Weyland, and though you can't see her, right now I'm being blown by Miss September.
  10. Lemonade
    That's what I love about that movie, actually. Lindelof really took the approach of "well, he's not technically good or bad, he's a robot". Whereas Ash was obviously bad, and Bishop obviously good.

    In any event, I can't picture original David attaching a facehugger to somebody's face. I think David is sincere in his fascination with Shaw, and will take her where she wants to go.
  11. Lemonade
    I hope the only android in Prometheus 2 is David. Well, multiple Davids. And one of them is evil. Maybe we can finally have the 'nefarious David affixing a facehugger to someone's face' moment.
  12. Corporal Hicks
    I did like Guy Pearce - more in the TED talk stuff than in the actual film itself though. I would happily welcome him back as an android (no age makeup) and that'd play into his immorality angle (something they really didn't build up enough to be convincing for me in the film).
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