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Classic Predator Pictures

There was a movie convention called Wonderfest in Louisville this weekend and KNB’s Greg Nicotero was there answering questions. They showed a behind-the-scenes feature of Predators which was about the Classic Predator. Luckily, Sabres21768 was there to take some snaps of the segment.

 Classic Predator Pictures

There’s a heap of pictures if you follow the link including shots of the face moulds, masks, armour, costume. There’s also a picture showing a regular mask and a battle-damaged version. Thanks to Sabres21768 for the news.

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  1. kyle bewley
    >:(  i think the classic pred looks great, something that bothers me tho is super pred ( he dont look that super lol ) !!! they said they have forgotten about pred 2 , but you can clearly see predator 2 in there abit in the design. percides pred 2 wasnt that bad of a movie, just lacked a budget but the story was  bold and they tried new things , anyway what ever this movie turns out to be like im irritable until i watch it, iv had a big thing for pred since bein like seven and its never changed either! bless !
  2. Warghost
    Yut, that in no way looks like an ADI Predator. I think the face/head of the 'old Predator' -- especially in the trailer -- looks awesome. He DOES look "old school." The ADI Predator from the first AVP (Scar) looked like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder. THAT was awful. I will, however, give them props for the Wolf Predator. Every thing about the unmasked version of him was incredibly wicked. Eyes, mandibles, detail, the acid scarring.
  3. heon123
    do you know what would be cool, humans free the original predator become frineds and work together to kill 3 black super predators lol  :D
  4. Yutaniditch

    first of all, respect your fellow posters, Hunter... Next, I did see the images, and the more I see them, even though they're without the proper lighting and the proper painting, the more they look the same as ADI's... A bit let wide open, but still miles away from the originals... I am sure you have seen the originals enough times to know... And I have had this feeling since the trailers... Now, these low-res photos just confirmed it... Of course, it will all come down to the movie to confirm or not the first impressions...

    Nevertheless, to each their own... you think they're good, I don't...And I vividly remember the first two ones and this doesn't look even remotely close to them.. About the netting, I really didn't care that much...the jaws worry me a whole lot more than that...
  5. RoyBattyLives
    It looks awesome and the best since the original. ;D Those KNB folks are fans of the original design so much so that it was absolutely crucial not to let the other fans down. Just to let everyone know, there is a net and his mouth does close. Not that long to wait anymore. Jackasses...
  6. HUNTER13
    are you retarded Yutaniditch  >:(  >:(   click on the picture and look at the pics look on page 1 2 and 3 :P  common sense people he does have netting armour a closed mouth skin colouring  SO CLIIK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE  ALL THAT STUFF  :o
  7. Yutaniditch
    Oh boy, another wide open jawed Predator... Apparently, it is not just ADI's fault anymore...  ::)  

    How difficult can it be to do a Predator with a mouth like the first or second Predator?

    The skin looks off, no netting, which if this is the hanged Predator kinda makes sense as the Uber Predators would take all his weaponry off, including the cloaking netting, before 'hanging' him out to dry, so to speak...;D

    So, very disappointed...Hopefully, they'll hide it away with the color grading, but still, the mouth wide open is an issue again for me...
  8. predhunter1
    lol everyone is complaining that it not looks like original m138jewski said  the original died! not all preds are the same if anything it needs to be a bit different to stand out more from the 1st one ,but it looks cool to me!
  9. Tim
    A predator of the same clan that looks 80 percent like him so technically they are somewhat related but different from bsp and the other sp and their clan. Anytime 2 can be seen as an outcast comming from space on his own ship just like the origional because they are experienecd and worthy and they have the right to travel the galaxy and hunt on different. Planets but bsp has hatred toward classicpred and. That's why they fight let's hope classic wins :)
  10. m138jewski
    Not sure if anyone touched on this, but the original predator DIED in the first movie. Is this supposed to be his twin brother or something?
  11. Gort Pred
    Wow well I sort of like this. I think we all know this IS NOT THE SAME pred from P1. Maybe from the same clan, but this is a sequel. Also, for anyone who has read the script...we know the fate of where this Predator comes into play and his....well I can't spoil anything but ppl who read it know what I'm talking about
  12. Warghost
    The face looks GREAT! The mask, the proportions.. All spot on. For someone to cry about the netting.. What is the deal? That's such a "nothing" attribute to this awesome monster. It's all ready been explained what happens to his netting. They did an awesome job with him.
  13. thepreds
    This  ::)   predator is NOT the pred from the first one it is from the same clan as the first pred remember there are different pred clans in the movie
  14. Elorrra
    Be happy that the taloons are not painted pink. Fox could have done anything with the design just to f**k us around. I like the way Preds look. I just hope the actors will do their job in the suits.
  15. yautja
    gr8 pics, is it just me or has the predator with bone jaw got a realy funny shaped head under the mask? look at the pic with him and the tusk one. i wonder if it will look like the concept art of the pred face, realy insect lookin :)
  16. AlienĀ³
    Man I am surprised by all the negative comments to this blurry picture which only shows the basic shape and look. And Fleshtrap666 I'm with you on this one, it's nick-picking at it's worse. Shameful.
  17. Fleshtrap666
    Are you f**king serious?!?! you people really need to calm the f**k down...that is flat out thee CLOSEST they could possibly get to having the original predator without using the same f**kING SUIT!!! It is visible in the other pictures HE WEARS NETTING!! Sure the color pattern is off a bit BUT BARELY it still looks better then any predator after Predator 2!!! Even though i thought Wolf was a welcome design...a nice return to the slimmer more lethal Predator, as opposed to the linebacker/ninja turtle predators in AVP1.

    Saying this is not awesome or looks NOTHING like the original design?!? Is flat out nit-picking at its worst...or just someone trying to start shit...thee end.
  18. huggeroffaces
    Really guys? "Wrong color!" "No netting!" "Doesn't look EXACTLY like a DEAD Preadator!" That looks frickin' good. Get over yourselves. ::)
  19. Lawrence Talbot
    I hope the guys dressed up in the pred outfits move as well as kevin hall did in the original movie. The first movie was directed very well with respect to kevin's movements and camera angles. The predator looked very confidence and intimidating, whereas I thought he looked awkward and clumsy in some scenes of other movies for instance pred 2 (sub way scene just after skull removal). I think what made the original predator better than the others was his efficiency. The predator came in very fast killed its prey then disappeared just as quickly as it appeared like a great white shark making its kill bite the predator had a practiced and effective killing method. The directors of the other predators made them seem very unskillful in comparison to the original. Lets wait and see if this new director can do any better.
    Now i have to admit the look of that original classic predator does look very much like stan winston's classic Predator. that does look very good even to me who is against this movie being made but i dont know maybe i could be wrong i dont know but i still dont care for the cast. THE PREDATOR CLASSIC LOOKS GREAT!!
  21. lawrence Talbot
    the predator in this movie is similar to the original predator, but he's not the same one. His slightly different colouring is due to the environment (maybe he has a slight tan or lack of compared with the original) and has obviously not bothered to get a hair cut necrotard. Please modprecar don't suggest a team up between the predator and a human (avp 1). The predators must remain distant from the humans only making contact when they kill them (more menacing and scary). I think Royce will use the original predator as a tool so when the predators fight one another one will be left standing and the survivor will be critically injured making Royce's job that much easier.
  22. goneja
    I think it looks fine but almost barebonish. The lack of netting really does effect how the creature looks and you could say it is small but it feels like a missing detail. So I guess its cool but honestly why no netting?
  23. Neilsonshire1982
    omg i watched this movie ever since i was a kid and my god theres nothing wrong with it . its fine , it does NOT need to be inch perfect jesus  . its more than gud enuf and my god theres no way the fan made costumes even come close to this , just stop being ridiclous . ..... some people just love to complain
  24. Starkiller
    you will never be able to beat the original stan winston design, there were and are boss, but these look alot better than AVP1 preds, these are just set photo's, so will look alot better on camera with lighting and effects etc. I still think The Wolf from AVPR was good! hopefully this movie will turn out good, fingers crossed!
  25. RoaryUK
    @necrotard   ...but that's the thing, it IS supposed to be the same Predator, this movie intended to be a reboot of the original film, just from a different perspective, which is why everything looks so much the first film.
  26. Axlotl
    Meh. It looks fine. But i'm not thrilled by how all the Preds in this and the last 2 movies can't close their mouths. I'm at the point where I'd rather see it CGI'd just so its mouth doesn't look stupid.
  27. PredalienXenomorph
    I was not complaining I was just observing. Personally I think that the Predator looks fantastic it was just the pictures I had looked at(didn't bother checking all of them) I couldn't see netting and the original Predator had netting. I can't wait to see his appearence in the movie.
  28. Nukiemorph
    Yeah.  I'm outraged.  The wrist-blades are half-an-inch too long and the skin-tone is three shades off!  Also, if you count how many dreadlocks pred had in the original, you can clearly see he has two more in this new movie!  Absolutely outrageous.  How will the filmmakers screw us next?

    ...Some of you fans are way too uptight.  The design looks great and when it's seen in action with their stylized lighting, you're probably not going to be able to tell the difference.
  29. Guest
    I do care because it's closer to the original, provided by an amateurish, than professional work of people who are suppose to have access to the original design and many reference of the colouring.
    This is unacceptable.
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