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New Classic Predator Image

Forum member, Johnny Handsome, has discovered that a German movie magazine, Widescreen, has a Predators article next month. And on the cover? An awesome image of the classic Predator:

 New Classic Predator Image

The magazine is due out June 2nd and will include exclusive interviews with Rodriguez and Antal, as well as new pictures.

Update: Scans from the magazine have now been posted showing some new pictures from the movie.

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Comments: 33
  1. Tim
    Alien 90 they to me are both scary looking and they are used for a hunt on different environments. Predator is used for a hunt in the jungle, he came for the thrill of the hunt, and Predator 2 is used for a hunt in urban environments like the city or concrete jungle if you will. As known all Predators have different tactics and ways of lifestyle much as the new Predators in Predators. They will differianciate from predator clans as seen in predator 2 and a knowing of the mythological world these aliens live in. Predator and Predator 2 were different in their own habitat and seeks of survival comparable to these new nasty breeds of different alien Predator clans that encounter eachother mentally and physically to look to seek strength on the opposing sides to claim defeat and who is the better gifted one in the end.
  2. thetruth
    the first predator did die this classic pred is from the same clan as the first so they look almost identical now the other predators are way nastier and different looking than classic there is 1 black super predator which is the leader of the 3 there is the falconer predator that uses a biomechanical falcon which he uses like a video camera whatever it sees the predator sees then there is the flusher predator which uses pred hounds he only uses them to flush his prey out from hiding so he can hunt them these three are from the new predator clan that we will see in the movie  :)
  3. AmandaT800
    hmm oh ok thanks so sequel huh so what the first predator didnt really die then cuz it would  make sense we dont really know if he died and maybe thats why he starts lauging and u see a pink fireball rise up and boom lol so i know thats just my opion on it cuz u say its a sequel..
  4. Aussie_predator

    It's a sequel not a remake , the classic predator fights the black super predators , from what i heard there a predator clan war going on so the classic predator are in a war against the super predators, the humans are dropped in for being hunted by the super predators

    I hope that helps
  5. AmandaT800
    New to this site but saw this pic and others as well just cant wait for this movie to come out but again just want to know its a remake or part 3 or what or why is classic predator in this movie or is it like the begging of all the movies like predator cant fight off the super predators and they sent him to the jungles to fight arnold but wait sorry the year was 1987 or something when he fought arnold so idk any help???
  6. frankaster
    if they don't kill the main or classic predator again i'll eat my face, seriously i am tired of dead predators... can't they come to a mutual respect agreement or something and to sease hostilities or something?... we have a huge pile of ash of self-destructed predators
  7. topman
    hey guys, ive not been on the forum for ages, hope things are cool!!! lol
    i dont mean to sound like im being really negative but does anybody here think that they are letting out to much info about the movie! i mean the intro's to the characters and images they put out!, remember they did the same thing with AVP and AVP 2!! i feel that now adays they are doing to many remakes and dont do that well. i still dont think it will be any better then the original predator ( i know its not a remake but still have doubts about this). i'll catch ya later dudes.
  8. mcg
    so you admit that its not as good as the real classic?
    i didnt say its bad,just doesnt look exactly as p1 version.
    if you use a smaller actor with a different body type its obvious .
    even helmet is more avp scar-slightly longer dome plate.
    i know the movie like the back of my hands.
    have different helmet props and a life size pred made from p1 original molds!
    maybe its also the angle its photographed.
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