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Predators Set Pictures!!!

Update 18/01/10: Images have been removed at the request of 20th Century Fox.
This is an important day, today we have the first set pictures from Predators including pictures of the cast and the Predators themselves. You can see an unmasked Predator in the background of the one below. Check out the other pictures in the forum or the Gallery for a look at the masked Predators themselves.

20100116 Predators Set Pictures!!!

Huge thanks to DeadDay for posting them.

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  1. Lastat
    They do it for the money, not the fans! The studios don't really care if the film is good, they slap it together knowing that fans will go to see it anyway. Look at the first AVP, massive pile of SHITE, but we all went to see the 2nd which was a larger pile of SHITE! Curse those Brothers Strause's.
    They just setting us up for disappointment the WANKERS.
  2. atomicpunk
    hey phlizz you got that rite no cool colors or stripes not even any crazy looking gear,armor, weapons on these preds. you would think rodrigueze would want to show off his work being that these are the first pics hes showing. some will say maybe the best 4 last but these preds just look like shit.very plain looking nothing cool 2 see here!!   >:(  
  3. Phlizz
    I´m not too impressed by the pics of the preds... altough it´s realy hard to judge by lowres set pics that might just show some stunt-suits. my main complaint (also for P2) is that the designers always added more stuff to the original design of winston. more stripes, scars, gadgets/junk and even spikes in their faces... same for the helmets. it´s like glue on a mustache. new predator? ah, give him a new pattern on the head and put some horns on his helmet... sad, when there´s so much gorgeous artwork around...
    I think ADI did a great job with the Predator on AVPR.  It's design was almost as good as Stan Winston studios.  Even though the actual movie was bad, the Predator effects were fantastic.  I'm sad to see the Predator suits for this new movie.  They look like the entire suit is made from one mold.  And even the armor is made of the same foam latex or silicone rubber as the flesh.  Were they that rushed to make these suits that they didn't take the time and make individual molds of each peice of armor and at least cast them in something that resembles metal?  I mean come on, the budget should allow for enough funds for the effects since this is a Predator film.  No CGI in the world can make this better.   Creature design is an art form, and these artists should be ashamed to say they make Predator costumes for a feature movie.  They will look like Gumbi when they move, all one peice.  Armor shouldn't bend or's armor.  P.S. I have seen better Predator creature suits made by fans in thier basements....with NO big budget.  I hope Nimrod knows some great camera tricks to make the look better on screen.  Or at least not like a part of the muppet show.
  5. bms response to all of the "Brody isn't a badass" stuff- his character is far more realistic. Plus, I don't care how much muscle you have- when you're fighting something like that it's all about brains and fire power, muscles means absolutely nothing. I think Brody is the perfect choice and might bring a visceral energy to the film. Putting some non-actor muscle-bound dude into the role would have ruined the film (and the dialogue, for that matter.)
  6. bms's more than likely that those 3 Predators are either a.) not finished or b.) will have CGI designs over the more plain looking portions (that would be my bet, as that is what this looks like.) ALSO, you can distinctly see the original Predator in the background on two images. I have hopes that the film is good- Brody is a fantastic actor and the people involved seem genuinely enthusiastic about the project. My only worry is that the so-called "Predator Falcons" turn out corny or fake looking. We need a good film related to one of these franchises as we haven't had one in what? nearly 25 years? AVP: Requiem was easily the worst...perhaps one of the worst films I had ever seen. Ive seen Sci-Fi Channel films with better production values and acting- at times I expected the boom mic to drop into view or the actors to begin cracking up- it was like they hd turned the franchise into a cheap, trashy 80's slasher film. What a disgrace.
  7. scotty vee
    IMO, the title of lead actor should of gone to Rampage Jackson (incredible stamina and tenacity, essential for any action movie star), Ray Stevenson (he had actually full-on military training in lead up to Punisher, War Zone), Brian Thompson (who looks extremely similar to Arnold, and has actually worked with the "Austrian Oak" in Terminator 1!), Roland Kickinger (Arnold's double for 'Salvation..huge, scary and a real mean one. Totally perfect as a tough as nails commando brute) or even Terry Crews (Mostly starring in comedies these days, but hell, with that frame, he should fit easily in any action film). Brody, or Grace, sorry Nimrod, cannot pull off this movie. If you want to make this film real, then sorry, but Brody will be def the first to be torn to shreds. The Pianist can't save you against a horde of invisible lethal Predator hunters.   ;D  
    i dont like the look of this piece of shit of a movie. i really do think and feel that fox isnt gonna save the predator franchise. sorry Predator fans but this movie is gonna suck just like the AVP movies. i hate the look of the predators even though they're being done by KNB FX team and not having the morons from ADI which ruined the look of the predator in AVP but they did do a better job of the predator design in AVP-R even though the movie sucked. i'm just not interested in this movie and also i hate the cast i just hate adrian brody i think he's a total loser cant stand his sorry ass!
  9. pyroacid
    iam starting to think the super pred is just a name they put down to  know hes the best of the 4? these look much like childern preds and the "super pred" is teaching them. so it might as well be a elder watching over his clan. like if anytime or wolf was teaching scar and celtic or chooper what was up befor hunting xeno's
  10. atomicpunk
    i agree with that pyroacid the lakers look like some bad ass preds.did u see glovers face when they uncloked.oh shit!! if he saw these preds. he'd laugh.the seen would start: they'ed appear he'd laugh and rodreguez would say cut! danny there is no laughing in this scene.take 2,oops take 3 awe shit take 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :-[  
  11. atomicpunk
    the predator from pred.1, pred2 and the preds.from the end on the ship along with the elder should have been used.this movies gonna suck.hey rodrigeuze maybe u should do this one for free and then let us decide if you are worthy to get paid.
    the heads abit big compaired to the bodys the helmits look alright just there skin color dont look right but its just pics and no humity and FX added.i just hope the super pred is a elder or a female. in the books the females were much bigger and taller
  13. atomicpunk
    when avp set pics came out they looked really cool and then the movie came out and that sucked! then avpr set pics came out and they looked cool then when that movie came out that predator 3 set pics are out and they look like shit!! this should be great!? not!! rodreguez should be embarassed!!   >:(  
  14. TheJungleCameAliveAndTuckHim
    Maybe those predator's are civilian predator's and there inviting the humans in for buffet?   ;)  

    Food before Honor   ;D  
  15. darthmaul1
    How is he ignoring the 2nd pred movie? does this come after the first? is there proof of that? if that is the case that is crap there was nothing wrong with predator 2, and i enjoyed avp and to a lesser extent avp-r ( the only good in that film was wolf, pred alien, the red shirts and the tie in with yutani.)
  16. EpsilonOrpheon777
    Hey i think AVPR did what it set out to do, considering the story it had to work with. Which was utter trash [or rubbish for my engish friends   ;)   ]... but i mean come on. What sickens me is that Rodriguez wants us to entirely ignore the second Pred movie, along with the AVP films. I don't really think he has that right. They said REBOOT, that means you ignore ALL. Either that or don't call it a reboot and don't ignore any of the previous films.
  17. Capsule
    I really like these beasts. Very brütal looking. I can almost smell roasted human meat on a stick.
    However these savages couldn't be behind the famous predatorian technology. Concept could work better with a completely new, made up species... not the preds we all know. In a sense I understand both the filmmakers and fans. Have to wait and see the final product to see how well they tie these aspects together. This can bring the universe to another level or strip it down to a mere cannibal holocaust. My bets on the latter, judging by these screenies. I wonder if that Russian guy gets shit for leaking footage from the set.
  18. darthmaul1
    Can't tell shit from those pics, the preds aren't decked out in their full armor, and since there is no atmosphere etc. it takes you out of the element to judge it. they look like the behind the scenes shots from the first predator movie. i will reserve judgment till i see a trailer at least. which should be quite soon since it's coming out in june or july.
  19. TheJungleCameAliveAndTuckHim
    Predator's on this film set look terrible, i dont know how this film is going to turn out, but i can say one thing, There will...And i Repeat..WILL BE another Predator Movie That Can Match The First 1.

    Classic Music Score.
    Classic Cast Of Actor's.
    Classic Story (New and Fresh To The Public)

    All we have now are fan boy's milkin the last of the predator cow, its sad to see, i just hope the AVP game thats coming out soon is going to be good.

    Cause i tell you something The New Predator Movie's Are A Bag Of Dead Cat's...CRAP!
  20. frasermaxx
    The set pics look promising could be a kool movie as for the predators they have the traditional look but we have to wait for better pics with good lighting only then we can see the real deal!
  21. Deco
    hmmmmm...... I will wait with interest - Classic pred in the backround looks fantastic; which has just made my gripe with the ending of the film, even larger.
  22. Starkiller
    glad to finally see some pictures, the sets seems quite interesting, however the predators look pathectic! and im not too sure on the cast, all in all, this movie isnt looking very good   :-\  
  23. Bakub
    I still don' belive that Adrian Brody can kick the preds asses.Trejo,Taktarov has that look but the rest of the crew is pathetic.And what the hell with the jawbone on the preds mask?The two other preds look like they are a ripoff from the fan movie S.E.E.D.This movie is going to be a fail just like avp1 and 2.
    the preds heads are to big for there bodys weres the grity jumpsuit? net? these preds seem more like the ones on the bottom of the totempole. but then again these seem more tribal like they dont leave the planet much. and black pred could be a elder or a albno type  badblood but yah way lack of greativty on the masks and head
    Don't bitch your lazyass's did nothing to help 2nd know what the hell your your talking about 3rd there just them kicking back on set chill out damn this is why i hate kids they open there mouths befor thinking.then try to get everyone to agree with them based off there lack of knowage of what gos into what there bitching about
  26. Predator Nut
    Does anyone know who's doing the music score for this film? Alan Silvestri did Predator 1 and 2. Good score makes for a good experience.
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