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  1. Guest
    god what has happened to the predator franchise, put me in the director's seat i'll make it like predator one full of an elite spec ops/ black ops who sent on a assasination/ infiltration mission they find another squad w/out survivors set this movie in cuba, columbia, or possibly the desert to give it a huge twist but if in the desert have in a tropical oasis.  get a bigger budget better script and more well made stars for the cast.   :(    leave the characters in the dark to keep the predators mysterious feel and have the film foucused mostly on the cast to do this.   :)  
  2. Geraint95
    meh. It looks slightly interesting at most, given that pre production willl make these sets look great I've stilll got my hopes up for this film I liked the script and everything looks better when its touched up and filmed on real cameras... so yeah bring on Predators
  3. shred predator
    you think this is gonna suck- checkout the info on the new conan movie and god forbid: the new actor for conan. That is going to suck!! It is has all the potential of a straight to video abortion. sad day for arnold/conan fans.   :'(  
  4. shred predator
    would you rather have a bunch of computer animated sets and then say- yeah these sets look so awesome?!?!?! these are pics from a regular camera so get over it.   ::)  
  5. RegularJohn
    Looks nice to me.

    BTW: this are simpls set pictures, so don't flame around. The preds and the invorement will look different in the movie, more polished.
  6. the_unknown
    is that how the predator planet loks like   ???  
    i have more thinking of a more jungle terrain like in predator 1
    because predator got 2 suns   ::)  
  7. Predator-101
    Arnold schwarznegger was the best actor! Not sigourney shes 2nd best. And brian c i agree with just about everyting you said although i dont mind if there are women in the movies and i agree there should be a movie with ONLY Aliens and predators. And i read your posts because the capital letters stand out.   ;D  
  8. Brian c
    I was talking about the predator franchise, the alien franchise is perfect with ripley, because she is the best actress for a women to be in a sci-fi movie. She did alien perfect. Predator franchise for me is different. Firstly they tried that already in avp 1, how did it come out to be? one word SHIT! avpr same thing SHIT! ok but do you really need 1 women out of the group no. it makes it look more realistic if its an army of 8 men , not to say they already tried this rutine and ruined the avp movies severley. Xenomorphine, you can make a good 2 hour movie of an all out brawl between aliens fighting predators on the alien home planet. Just avp, not the others. And txhsfball, if your thinking im going to start an argument with a 5 year old kid, your wrong, im not imature like you
  9. Xenomorphine
    Brian, firstly, if you use caps lock all the time, people will ignore your message. Secondly, nobody is going to make a film without human characters in it. You'd deliberately take away what little mystery the creatures still have, if you focused it purely on them. Thirdly, don't be so sexist. There's nothing to say a woman CAN'T be in these films. It's not as if a man is somehow more likely to kill a Predator in hand-to-hand combat - all humans are weak, compared to them.
  10. Deathly_rYaN

    Thats spose to be bloody organs from something. It`s rubber, they should of hired a horror prop desiner. I mean have you seen the cheap predator costumes? This movie might be a disapointment and will get 3 stars
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