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Predators Hawaii Set Pictures

Potentially the first set pictures from Predators have been posted in ForumsHawaii. The poster claims he worked as Security on the movie when they were shooting in Hawaii last year. The first picture is at the top of a waterfall and the other two are of the dog cages with what could be a parashoot on top of one.

20100106_01 Predators Hawaii Set Pictures

20100106_02 Predators Hawaii Set Pictures

20100106_03 Predators Hawaii Set Pictures

The pictures seem legit. It fits in with the story for those that have read the script. Thanks to Keith for the news.

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  1. gigerbman
    Just wait for the post production elements to be finishd and a few Yautja Predators cloaked in this unfinished alien jungle scenario!!!! I think we as fans are in good enough hands. Nimrod was the studios first choice director after Robert Rodriges declined. The script is lacking in some areas I  Agree. But it has potential!!! I don't expect it to be better than the original "PREDATOR" though. I just want to see the Predators interacting accordingly in their own planet with two suns, hunting bigger advesaries.
  2. konradski
    well said neon night  how many people dont watch onemillion bc because in all reality its pants yet when u do watch it u think that was alright ,to say people never met dinosaurs or wore make up
  3. aliensun
    "Predators vs Lost" so this is what happen to the island after they boomed it. haha. Come on guys, there is only so much you can do with $40 mil, if that?. Its not like they had $400 mil to make pocahontis with blue aliens. Or over $100 mil to make mad max on water. No, this is a small action/sifi movie. Thats all you can expect. Oh, with crappy crates. hahaha. As long as i see a Predator skin a man alive and not just have someones say it, i'll be happy. With movies like Saw and Hostil out there, that souldn't be hard.
  4. steve
    i agree some ppl cant judge pictures from someone with a camera, there is no finished film yet to be realesed, the film would probably look darker and filled with a lot of cgi alien jungle animals, dont judge guys just wait, and trust me this film is going to be awsome.
  5. Lol
    And then more people cry about the crates?  Jesus christ you guys.  Thank god the Alien / Predator franchises are even getting attention like they've been.  I just think it's sad that so many of the "fans" are so quick to negatively judge something by early images.  Honestly I'm excited about a new Predator film, I'm sure I'll appreciate this film no matter what.
    It looks like my backyard if i don't cut the grass and the crates look like cardboard. Yes....I am talking smack about the crates!!!!!! Why? Because these are pictures of my over grown backyard and boxes that are supposed to look like metal crates.   Now where's more pictures so we can talk MORE smack about them.
  7. Neon_Knight
    There's no need to use the crate picture to determine that this film will be awful, you just need to use the script.  No director can make a good film of a terrible script (and believe me, the script really is bad).  Don't even bother hoping, just expect this film to be hilariously bad and enjoy it as such. Bad films can almost be as enjoyable as good ones, if you watch it in the right way.
  8. pyroacid
    its survior and hightech natives are going to skin you and use your face as  dipers for there kids  .welcome whos to be voted off this week, and who gets a plasma blast to the chest.
  9. Hicks_0998
    We're heaping shit on it because we had f**king high hopes for AvPR and it sodomised us in all our orrifaces like a virgin at a whorehouse.  Im sick of the beat downs this is getting because we already know it will suck worse than a whore on new years.
  10. three lights
    it would so awsome if they got james cameron to do this and do a realy good green screan landscape. kinda the avatar look but just some people might not agree with this but i thing they should animate the predators because they can fit way more predators on screen .
  11. justinequeen
    Judging the movie on a picture of a crate.... really?! This movie will be good..not amazing..but good. But wait for the finished product at least jeeez.
  12. LazyFlamingo
    Judging by those crates this movie will be a total disaster, I don't even know where to start, but for the love of god, THOSE CRATES!!
  13. glimmer515
    Yeah the crates do look cheesy in the pics but I agree that it will look totally different through a camera, I am more of an Alien girl myself but I still cant wait to learn more about the predator movie
  14. joe117
    These pics tell nothing about the movie at all. When they start releasing actual footage then we can all judge. I'm worried they spent all the money on the cast. I still have a lot of hope for this.
  15. Starkiller
    it would be cool! if FOX released some official stills from the movie   :)   Allthough id rather they didnt put much stuff for this movie, AVP-R had way too many pics, trailers, movies and well everything, we practically saw the movie before it even came out    :P   im hoping this movie turns out good    :-\  
  16. miku
    my god i had high hopes for that film...maybe they should let ridley too this one too    ;D   .   oh and the landscape???? it was to be a predator planet was it?....  so how come its presented just like ours.  crazy
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