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More Predators Story Details

There’s further news on Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii which describes some of the scenes shot in Hawaii. They mention a scene where the characters are following a river, another scene with them discovering empty cages and wild dogs chasing after them.

“Predators” shot six days a week while here or 22 days of the film’s total 53 days, which also is being done at producer Martinez’s studio in Texas. All the five primary locations were on the Hilo side of the Big Island, including some Bishop Estate-Kamehameha Schools forest and jungle areas, a state road which had to be blocked for a scene at the Umauma River Bridge showing the cast walking alone the river below, Kole Kole Beach Park, and the rocky ridge lookout at Waipio Valley off Highway 240. The Waipio Valley lookout scene was shot Oct. 26. That exterior shot follows the eight main characters approaching the rocky ridge from the adjacent jungle to get a view of “the alien plant.” Alice Braga who plays Isabelle tells the group in the scene that “the plan stays the same to follow river” towards the rocky ridge. Royce (Adrien Brody) definitively says the crew will go after the Berzerkers.

The production had one major location, which is privately owned — not the Kamehameha Schools location — on the mauka and makai side of the Highway 240. The Kole Kole Park location saw the eight-member cast following tracks in the jungle and first finding an empty cage with a parachute then some two-dozen other empty cages. It is during the chasing dogs scene that the group hears something crashing fast through jungle.

Stans (Walton Goggins) breaks down and demands a gun. Royce (Brody) tells the group “The sun hasn’t moved.” Then the group — knowing they’re in the “Hunting Dogs Area” according to the script — prepares weapons for “the imminent danger.” Suddenly, one member of the group sees nearby human forms.

They go on to say the Predator character wasn’t used on the Big Island, neither was the wild dogs and instead requires CGI.

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  1. Psychodelli
    i honestly dont know why people are freaking out. we have NO f**kING CLUE what Rodriguez is gonna do.  Ok so yea he dogs and falcons may be much but are they gonna be in the whole movie? probably not. chill out and wait for more news. i think this can go either way, maybe like predator 2. people either liked it or hated it, come on, its been like 3 months. I think we can all agree it CAN'T be worst than AVP-R.
  2. Tundro
    First, thanks to stealth bunny, who seems to be the only person here who read my post, but on to business.  People still seem to hate the idea of the Predators using other animals in the hunt.  Lets think for a minute about how a hunt in any form works.  It's basically a game right?  It's a sport, so I'm guessing the Predators are using the "dogs" to screw with the prey, to cause confusion and in fighting, making the hunt all the more interesting and sadistic.  Just a thought.
  3. Hicks_0998
    Guys i just want to say that we here in oz got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and holy f**king shit.  Just those 3 words describe it.  Thank god i live in this beautiful beautiful country.
  4. NikTh
    Hmmm interesting, although cg preds?? If so I hope they do a better job than the cg (cloaked) Wolf in AVPR...  Damn... it's gonna take a long time still to see the damn thing!!
  5. BiggyMac
    so the predator wasnt even in the shoot in hawii..does that mean he is goina be edited in there,if tso thats f**kin stupid.and why the f**k are there dogs and how they get to predators not to sure of this movie so far
  6. Elorrra
    _HAHAHAAAA!!!!:D I SO TOLD IT!!! They are going to copy Arnie's shit!!! Making traps and bows to fight and win at the end! But this time instead of Gerillas they fight with "dogs"!!! I can't wait to go and laugh that I was right!!!    :D     ;D  
  7. Spoon
    Maybe they are taking the same route at the first predator and filming the rest later when the predator suit is finished.  Right now they are using a scary lizard with one eye. LOL
  8. Blaine
    Since only CGI is being used for the predators in these early scenes, there is still the possibility that they haven't signed on any actors to play the actual predators yet; meaning Ian Whyte may still be a possibility.
  9. stealth bunny
    Wise words tundro,I like others can't wait for more info but at the end of the day it's only 8 months and will soon come around, and only then will we be able to see if it's a great movie, I hope very much that it is.
  10. Spinksy
      ???   This is starting to sound really, really poor.  I'm going to reserve judgement but it's not looking good is it - since when did a Predator need a dog or bird to track a human (let alone 8!!!)The whole point of a Predator is to be the 'ultimate killing machine'   I'm going to stay hopefull and will definatley be looking forward to it but everytimeI read something new its just sounding more and more like a total pile of crap.......     :-[    Please be good film....
    Predator-101, "why does a predator movie need a serial killer"? Do U always wanna watch how Preds hunting only cops n militaries? Now we have groovy crossovers, like Pred vs SerialKillah, Pred vs Yakuza n umm... Pred vs Danny Trajo xD
  12. Predator-101
    Why dont they add some alien cows to be the preds butlers as well! I mean come on why does a predator movie need a serial killer? Or Predators pet dogs? I recently became a predator fan I have huge doubts for this movie and I hope it will turn out better than i expect.   :-\  
  13. Weasel
    What it means is that the aspect of that day of shooting was escaping from the dogs. That means that the dogs with be CGI so they can make them looking alien and jump all over stuff, and I'm guessing the predators are either hanging back or in the trees. If they are in the trees moving around then it calls for CGI, especially if the predators are cloaked. This doesn't mean that the entire Hawaii shoot is all CGI.
  14. jwbradf
    The CG could be for the Preds cloaking. The dogs could be used to weed out the weak prey. The preds probably wouldn't have time to train dogs or birds on another planet, but on their own... I am skepticle about the  story and the choice of some of the cast. It is still great that they are making a new Predator movie though. Can't wait.
  15. Tundro
    I think we all complain to much and need to be level headed until we get some pics or a trailer before crucifying the movie.  On that note, I'll be a little bit mean.  About 90 percent of the posts above take what they've read far to literal for their own good, and you know who you are.  If you're going to bitch, know what you're talking about before you even post.  On another note, I know I'm not the only one thinking it but I guess I'll have to be the one to say it.  Many of this site's members including myself mind you, are very immature and whiny.  Give the movie a chance before crucifying every little tidbit of info you read.  Now, let the further crying and whining commence.
  16. RakaiThwei
    Predators don't need hunting dogs of ANY sort. The first two movies, and to a lesser extent, the AvP movies established that were more efficient trackers. That alone makes hunting dogs redundant.   And Berzerkers? What? Whats that all about?   I'm seriously starting to believe Rodriguez DOESN'T get Predator.
  17. Spoon
    And as a fan doesnt it bother you that you might not remain a fan anymore because the sole reason you are a fan just got destroyed.  Its like if Ferrari started making cheap every day vehicles.  Wouldnt fans get pissed and lose interest?  Sometimes its hard to lose interest just because they made one mistake but it they keep it up 3 times in a row then thats something different.  Younger generations wont know about how they started and judge buy recent events.  So in that case predator is for fags....thats how its looking right now.
  18. pretrixalated
    hum people its a movie right si chill out like why does this eaven bother u if it sucks it sucks if its great than fine but u dontn have to let it consume every aspect of ur life jeez im so tired of hearing winny litle fan argu about a movie or complain about it eaven before it comes out or the first trailer for that matter by the way im an alien and predator fan but its only a film
  19. Larry The Cable Predator
    I'll admit I haven't been following this as closely as some of you, but isn't it possible that the dogs and falcons are just creatures that happen to live on the planet, possible obstacles for the characters or whatever, or has it been confirmed somewhere that the Predators are using them for hunting?  the cages could be for other humans that have been dropped onto the planet.  Just speculation though...
  20. Spoon
    The jungle are early scene so the predators are going to be CGI because they are going to be cloaked pretty much all of the start of movie.  Also the dogs are just game for the predators to watch and learn how these picked out humans fight.   They want to watch them and learn from them, also learn tactics against them.   Everything looks promising.   Just got to stop freaking out and thinking the worst of everything you read.   I have really high hopes for this movie.  Cant wait.
  21. Xenomorphine
    The Predators will use 'hunting dogs' (or things which occupy the same basic function) as well as things which are being called 'falcons'. These are probably some two different types of alien creatures which they use to hunt down prey on land or by air.
    Why must these people continue to fill movies with CGI, were did that creativity and passion that James Cameron and his crew (for example) had with animatronics etc. for ALIENS (1986) to make them look so real and majestic to go? now all they want to do is insert the charaters/creatures with a computer....(I don`t hate CGI somtimes it is used fairly well...but when it comes down to CGI vs. somthing that is ACTUALLY there, I say F**K CGI.
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