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More Predators Story Details

There’s further news on Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii which describes some of the scenes shot in Hawaii. They mention a scene where the characters are following a river, another scene with them discovering empty cages and wild dogs chasing after them.

“Predators” shot six days a week while here or 22 days of the film’s total 53 days, which also is being done at producer Martinez’s studio in Texas. All the five primary locations were on the Hilo side of the Big Island, including some Bishop Estate-Kamehameha Schools forest and jungle areas, a state road which had to be blocked for a scene at the Umauma River Bridge showing the cast walking alone the river below, Kole Kole Beach Park, and the rocky ridge lookout at Waipio Valley off Highway 240. The Waipio Valley lookout scene was shot Oct. 26. That exterior shot follows the eight main characters approaching the rocky ridge from the adjacent jungle to get a view of “the alien plant.” Alice Braga who plays Isabelle tells the group in the scene that “the plan stays the same to follow river” towards the rocky ridge. Royce (Adrien Brody) definitively says the crew will go after the Berzerkers.

The production had one major location, which is privately owned — not the Kamehameha Schools location — on the mauka and makai side of the Highway 240. The Kole Kole Park location saw the eight-member cast following tracks in the jungle and first finding an empty cage with a parachute then some two-dozen other empty cages. It is during the chasing dogs scene that the group hears something crashing fast through jungle.

Stans (Walton Goggins) breaks down and demands a gun. Royce (Brody) tells the group “The sun hasn’t moved.” Then the group — knowing they’re in the “Hunting Dogs Area” according to the script — prepares weapons for “the imminent danger.” Suddenly, one member of the group sees nearby human forms.

They go on to say the Predator character wasn’t used on the Big Island, neither was the wild dogs and instead requires CGI.

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