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There’s a further update on Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii that they will be shooting Predators for 18 days on Big Island in Hawaii starting October 12th.

“The Predators feature film sequel is on for 18 days of filming on the Big Island beginning Oct. 12, confirmed Ron Schmidt, the production’s UPM….

Predators”˜ production offices are at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel since several jungle locations will be used all along the Hamakua Coast and many on private property. The 20th Century Fox production’s budget is about $40 million. Big Island officials so far have been unable to estimate how much the film will spend in Hawaii thought other sources said it will be in the millions of dollars and possibly as much as $10 million…

Final casting has not been completed for the nine main characters who will be filmed trying to escape the rainforest from the marauding predator.”

Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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