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Alien Anthology Blu-Ray Trailer

The first trailer for the Alien Anthology set can be seen on YouTube in 1080p format. Not sure if this is official or not but it’s rumoured to have been ripped from the upcoming Fox release Minority Report. The teaser shows quick shots from all four Alien movies but doesn’t reveal anything new about the Blu-Ray set.

 Alien Anthology Blu-Ray Trailer

Thanks to DazAvP85 for the news.

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  1. RoaryUK
    @void-dragon   Good point actually... which is why I won't buy Blue_Ray.  It just isn't worth it when you know, a few months down the line, a movie will be online downloadable for your PC pleasure, or you can even watch it in HD on your X-Box/PS3   :-)
  2. Guest
    if they changed the pulse rifle sound it will sound pretty gay compared to the original sound which was the best to me.  Why do they have to screw up a classic? just put the HD in it THATS IT...
  3. void-dragon
    if you can view what its going to look like on a compuer screen...why do we need to buy blu-ray players? cant they just put it on sure my tv is higher quality than my computer screen.
  4. Guest
    @Starkiller  Just 'coz it doesn't show you anyting doesnt mean it's a joke dude, FOX are known for this kinda thing, the only thing that puts doubt in my mind is they can't be arsed to make it official...which is totally unprofessional in my opinion!
  5. crumbs
    I compared the trailer to the Quadrilogy. Shot for shot, everything from 'Aliens' is identical to the DVD we got 5 years ago. Even the bloody specks of black dirt/grain in the shot of Newt/Ripley in the Egg hive.

    Colour levels/brightness are 100% identical. And the trailer is in HD. So... well, lower your expecations. Looks like Fox was too bloody cheap to restore one of the most important action films of all time. What happened to the Lowry Digital (Indiana Jones/Star Wars) restoration rumours?!
  6. Guest
    It certainly looks like something FOX would do about now, they did the same with the Quadrilogy only much closer to the event, and that didn't reveal much either. All the movies look sharper on PC anyway, but that isn't really conclusive, so I'm gonna go with my gut and say "I think its for real."
  7. Sexy Poot
    They changed the Pulse Rifle sound! Looks amazing btw. Come Christmas time, this young boys gettin a PS3 (hey at least i get to play those like 3 good games on it alongside a blu-ray player)
  8. frostedone
    Aliens might not look too bad in 1080p after all. The color improvement was HUGE and it was not as grainy as I expected.

    Alien 3 and 4 looked very nice too.

    I would imagine Alien will look the best though. The DVD was very clean too. Just imagine the Giger Alien in HD!
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