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More Alien Anthology Details

More and more news has been steadily trickling out regarding the upcoming Blu-Ray boxset for Aliens. Forum member, coolshow, recently uncovered this little nugget:

“Additionally, according to the print edition of the UK movie magazine Empire, this release is being produced by Charles De Lauzirika, who is behind the BD releases of most of the movies directed by Sir Ridley Scott, including the monumental five-disc Blade Runner. De Lauzirika said that, while the Quadrilogy DVD was already very comprehensive, this Anthology Blu-ray set will blow it out of the water, with new extras and commentaries. Also, a new sound mix has been done for the extended edition of Alien 3, which involved bringing back some of the cast to reloop their dialogue.”

That’s a big promise considering just how amazing the Quadrilogy was. The original article also talks of a teaser trailer for the set being attached to the Blu-Ray of Minority Report. If you ever needed reason to get a Blu-Ray player, this is it.

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