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Alex Litvak Talks Predators

Alex Litvak, one of the writers of the redrafts of Predators, recently spoke to Screenwriters Tips and during that interview he spoke briefly about Predators. He spoke about how the Predators in the new film are different in clan and technology to the previous movies. He also spoke briefly about the characters but there was nothing new there. Thanks to Johnny Handsome for the news:

You can also view Part 1.

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  1. Fleshtrap666
    I'm getting more and more excited about this the more I hear, praying it doesn't suck. I'm actually open to the idea of "different" predators...especially as far as clans go because most people know there are different clans. I'm actually open to possibly more "low-tech" predators as well....which I almost think that might be what they are going for..
  2. predalien-hybrid
    Who the hell edited this? The first minute of this video is filled with! This makes this writer look like an even bigger idiot!
  3. wolf-pred3107
    @ANYTIME good idea, I like the idea that there are just different types of predator, like snakes different coloration, different bodily features, different defensive adaptations but all together its the same species, their technology is whatever their clan presents them with or they make themselves. I like the hybrid idea too, the elder in P2 would be a hybrid of the original and second predators species.
  4. Deco
    Guys, this movie is going to be pure crap.... ITS THE SAME STORY AS PREDATOR....Just on a different planet!?? I've read the script and its just dreadful. The premise is ridiculous in itself. 'Lets capture humans to hunt them on our planet'... Why not hunt them on earth!? You heard the guy, he's using similiar words that are on the original Predator featurette's 'Dirty Dozen' - Arnie 'Magificant Seven'.... 'It has the same structure to Predator..its in a jungle'.... HE CANT EVEN REMEMBER ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!! I dont want to see a 'new' band of predators... I want to see an exploration of the original predators.....
  5. Tim
    It sounds pretty good but all I want to say is please don't add slot of weapons like in p2. Predator is a alien with a few weapons at his disposal and not with 10 weapons only 3 from p1. I hate when they add more and more.... P2 he had alot and I think that was a bad turn down the road which led to it's boxoffice failure...
    I think Predators in the first AVP are from suckass unexperienced tribe and the design just horrible nothing can be compare with Stan Winston's superior designs in PREDATOR and PREDATOR2 and they also have a very different weaponary even their unmasked faces also entirely different from the original designs maybe they should create a plot of two rival Predator tribes in their homeworld planet wage war on each other he badass warriors are Winston's original that dwelled in jungle and the high-tech are AVP  predators from urban area they were unable to defeat the others so they decided to hunt down all deadly lifeforms in the universe especially xenomorphs and humans as trophies in order to compete each other and unleach their warlike behavior instead of tearing their homeword apart. I have thought of this since I watched the first AVP movie the creature designs just bad to me I want to see classic kickass Winston's design again! BTW I think Wolf Pred is a hybrid between these two tribes so he might be an outcast mercenary that worked as a bugs buster for the urban preds. This is just one of my idea if you guys disagree or consider it sucks please frankly complain.
  7. avpthrag
    i am getting very excited about the new film i do have sum doubts but after hearing sum new stuff and that there is still rumours of arnie making a cameo well i shall need to try stay calm cant wait till the trailer gets leaked soon
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