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Predator Remake A Go?

I don’t know how many of you remember this but in October last year, Fox producer Rothman commented on his willingness to do a Predator 3(and the notion of a remake). Well according to horror website Bloody Disgusting, it isn’t a sequel but a remake that is underway:

“We’ve got a holy sh*t scoop for you that’s going to have half of you screaming in excitement and the other throwing tomatoes. A reliable source dropped us a line revealing to us that Robert Rodriquez and his Troublemaker Studios will be producing the Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox. “

According to the scoop, the remake will involve a group of Predators as opposed to the one. You can check out the whole thing over at Bloody Disgusting. Now remember guys, this is only a rumour. I’m waiting back on official comments from Fox. Thanks to Lovely Man for the heads up.

EDIT: According to my contact at Fox PR, I was told there are currently no plans for any Predator re-make in the theatrical division.

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    Hell no i dont want fox to do a freaking remake that sounds so terrible. i rather see a sequel to predator 3 and have it either in a desert, jungle, or a city again.   the idea i have for predator 3 is to be in new york city and having a rogue predator hunting everything and everyone in his path. it would have danny glover back to play mike harrigan and adam baldwin to play garber. it would also have michael biehn and jenette goldstein in it as homicide detectives. i think my idea is more better than the dumbass remake idea or reboot. i think robert rodriquez is a cool director loved his movie planet terror but him doing a remake HELL FREAKING NO!!
  2. Craig
    Why do they have to do a remake or reboot of a movie that was and still is perfect?? I can see rebooting hulk, but predator come on!!! what's next reboot of alien?
  3. Craig
    Why do they have to do a remake or reboot of a movie that was and still is perfect?? I can see rebooting hulk, but predator come on!!! what's next reboot of alien?
  4. Dallas214
    I just don't understand most of people against the idea of a Predator sequel or reboot. We already know the movie ll not gonna meet fans expectation. But who care? Predator franchise could be back on screen...Ans it's sound great to me! Am I wrong?
  5. MattTaz
    So because of AVP, Predators have been messing with humans for thousands of years. They could write a story anytime, anywhere in history, Samurai's, Spartans, the imagination is your limit......and they choose....... a remake     ::)  
  6. Space Disc Jockey
    Wow, I had a feeling that this would happen. Look, I dont think they need to REMAKE it, but do a REBOOT, like Batman Begins. This is really interesting. I think Rodriguez should direct it, or be some sort of producer. I like the idea. Just get good people involved and an interesting story that doesn't seem just like a copy of the original film.
  7. MrFacehug
    There is only one possible occurence that would make me more pissed of than I am right now, and that would be if they decided to remake/reboot Alien.  Both Alien and Predator are loveable classics that I don't want to see getting destroyed by some fat idiot at FOX who want's some extra cash to by his 43rd swimming pool. The thing is that FOX, as well as other companies, have run out of good ideas. And instead of thinking out new, epic stories to use, they decide to fall back on the old movies that did so well back in the golden years and just add some new special effects, busty chicks and a slightly altered storyline. Then, as long as they put PREDATOR on the poster with big letters, people are gonna watch it. Guaranteed. They may hate it, curse it, write negative reviews and rant all they can, but the fatty at FOX will get his swimming pool, and he'll use the same formula again next time, and make a Predator 2 remake, featuring the Predator knowing kung-fu and using a huge bazooka.  Sequels doesn't bother me, in fact, they often provide good fun even if they're not comparable to the first movie, but it's a completely different story if they decides to f**k up the first one with a remake.  I really hope this idea of a remake made by Rodriguez is a rumour, and that they instead use this idea to create a Predator 3. Sequels is what we need, FOX, not remakes! But ah, what the hell, they never listens to us fans...
  8. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i wonder which movie will be made 1st: Alien 5? or Predator 3? Predator 3 isn't 20th Century Fox. Alien 5 is.Siggy just have to wait somehow.
  9. alienfan95610
    Fox cares about one thing, and one thing only, and that is profit. Fox ceased caring (if they ever cared) along time ago about what us fans wanted or thought. The AVP films are the perfect example of this. It doesn't matter if this future Predator film is a "remake" or "reboot" because it will be done for maximum profits possible, not quality. Which likely means that true fans, like us, won't find the film very good. I look more forward to the Dark Horse Comics Predator relaunch in June of this year for a decent, quality Predator story. At least Dark Horse Comics makes an attempt at giving a sh*t about their product.
  10. warchant10
    hmmm... did you all ever think that maybe it isn't exactly an attempt to 'remake' the movie, like same plot and story, but more so an attempt to re-introduce to everyone, more-so the next generation, to just how wicked the Predator species can be. What I mean is, what if they intend to make a movie that doesn't exactly tie or correlate into the previous other two at all other than the Predator itself, but use the similar jungle setting and pitch it as if we hadn't heard of such a creature yet. Start all over...hey audience heres this creature thats stalking this group of marines etc etc. and heres the story. Like starting all over, hence the term "reboot" NOT 'remake' because in its essence it isn't the same movie done over, it's the same character story done differently. E.G look at the game Turok, same title as original, same main character basis , but different storyline...not a remake, just ...starting over.
  11. Hicks_0998
    If it ain't broke don't fix it.  A Predator reboot is just a kick in the guts to the legions of Predator fans and more proof that Fox only care about money over making quality movies.  When was the last time Fox made a decent movie....
  12. dachande89
    My philosophy, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Predator doesnt need a god damn remake. Do a sequel, not a remake. This film should not be touched, for the orginal was great. FOX sucks.
  13. KaizerDan
    They're really going to have to change things to make it work... It could still be in the jungle, thats cool, but it took a whole group of guys to kill one freaky invisible creature in the woods... if you have 3 of them, that means that 2 will have to die right away, and thatll make them look weak... So it would have to be 3 vs an army of soldiers or something, and then its not a reboot really but pred. 3
  14. ridetofight
    its been almost 20 years since a good predator movie. i don't see this changing it. keep the predators the same, forget about adi, and i might see it.
  15. frankaster
  16. Predboy
    Well, thats it, I dont care anymore. f**k this, Im done with these franchises. Im just gonna watch my original predator movies and wonder what it would be like if retards never ran FOX.
    Bahaha! You gotta love how retarded Fox Entertainment is. I love how there talking about reboot when in reality the only thing that needs a reboot is the AVP franchise, not the Predator franchise lol Jesus Christ Tom Rothman and John Davis just DONT F--KING GET IT lol   ;D  
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