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Predator Remake Still On and Cena Interested

Just after the whole fiasco with the Predator remake, I recieved an e-mail from an anonymous source saying it was still on. But nothing happened since until now:

“Meanwhile, Cena wants Twentieth Century Fox to know he’s waiting for the call to do the ”Predator” remake.

“Just to be a part of that team would be awesome”, Cena says of the 1987 film’s core cast of characters. “I’d be happy playing Governor Ventura’s character – the gum-chewing gun-toting [Blain].”

This popped up in an interview with I don’t know whether this is conjecture on Cena’s part ’cause as far as Fox PR are concerned, nothing is still going on. Only time will tell. Thanks to Proteus for the news.

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  1. WolfPredator6015
    I think all of us should see Predator 3, but if you do a Predator Remake it'll be the same thing they did to make a Friday the 13th Remake
  2. Xenomorphine
    Yeah and humans were in every single film the Predators and Aliens have ever been in. You seem to equate the inclusion of humans to trash. If that was true, it means you detest the 'Predator' franchise, as a whole! See where that leads?  Ridley Scott does know how to handle human characters. So does James Cameron. So do, in fact, the majority of the directors who have been involved in these two franchises. I'm not sure what you're driving at, there.  Again, what you're describing would not support a couple of hours of script. It would only work in a computer game. Predators need to return to being sadistic, safari-hunting villains, with mytholoogical undertones - not keep going down the path to being carbon copies of heroic Klingon Samurais, which is what the vast majority of merchandise has turned them into..  Why should the average movie watcher care what their homeworld looks like or where it is? That's the same type of logic which affects people who want the next 'Alien' film to reveal all about the Space Jockeys, which almost always ends up being a crap story.  Instead of trying to take away what little mystique they have, you should think in terms of how to give them more. Don't make them heroes. Return them to being the formidable villains they always were.
  3. Forrest
    Everyone here should go play the AVP game. The one where you experience the story from the perspective of a Marine, Predetor, and Alien. Skrew the whole 21st century setting. The story should take place post-"Aliens".
  4. brian
    Xenomorphine, with due respect, i think you dont know what you are talking about. You seem to favor the two avp movies with were both complete floppers because you say that humans should be in the predator franchise films, well humans were in those two shitty films. Its not all about the humans, but the people that make the alien and predator films dont know how they should be done. They already tried having humans in it, and avp, and avpr failed to light human faces. Thats why they have to try something new that does not involve any humans. They need a new storyline for just the predator franchise not alien. The movie producers have to focus on the predators life, and make that a script. Heres my script that i want for predator 3 not a compter or video game ok: Predator 3 focuses on mainly the predators, where they are located in space, which homeworld they are from, and how the new ugly villan space creatures came from. Some how they both meet and start fighting. These creatures have to be very muscular and strong to give a good fight. Then 1 predator goes out for a hunt where he gets killed by 2 of those villians , he will send a video just like in avpr, to the ship and they will come down and start a war! That would be really cool. f**k the alien, they tried doing predator with alien and it failed twice! Unless they can get it right the 3rd time with the avp series than go for it. My ideal for predator 3 rocks.
  5. WolfPredator6015
    Instead of doing a Predator Remake, How about doing Predator 3 and put 2 Predators in the movie. The last Predator movies [Predator and Predator 2].They used 1 Predator in Predator and Predator 2. what is up with that So i want to see Predator 3 with 2 Predators not a Predator Remake and i would like to see the 2 Predators against the Hybrid Predator. That would be a great,awesome,and an extreme fight.   :)  
  6. Xenomorphine
    With due respect, you don't know what you're talking about, Brian. A human-less 'Aliens Versus Predator' was hashed out countless times in the forums and the verdict is that there's no way you could realistically hold a casual movie-goers attention for that. A human-less 'Predator 3' has even less going for it.  You want to turn the Predators from villains into heroes. That's the wrong way to go.  If you can think up a storyline which more than hardcore fans would be interested in, then put it in the forums. Everyone else who tried has failed.  Your logic is flawed. The original 'Predator' was fantastic and the Predator, itself, was only even seen in the last part of it.
  7. Sulaco
    Too late for Predator 3, the good old movie makin days are gone. Predator remake... ( tippin back jack daniels ) " WELL HELL NO!!!"   >:D  
  8. WolfPredator6015
    John Cena has done two movie The Marine and 12 Rounds that's coming out March 27th. He might do Predator 3. Predator 3 rules, But a Predator Remake Sucks.    :-\  
  9. davebhamuk
    Absoltely no to Cena.   They dont need a remake just call it Predator: Blood Hunt or something like that.  Also its kind of funny that John Cena has given interviews giving Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson grief for leaving WWE and going to Hollywood, saying the Rock never loved wrestling and Cena is all about wrestling while he trys to get his claws into Predator 3.  I'd prefer The Rock in this anyday. Also I am sure the Rock was rumoured years ago to do a Predator 3.
  10. brian
    Trust me Xenomorphine they can come up with a way to not put any humans in the next predator film. Like in avpr there was more humans on screen than the actual predator kicking ass thats why it was a complete flopper. Small budget, unknown directors, stupid storyline, and you only see what you paid to see towards the very end. Also not to mention there was romantic sceens when the girl made out with the guy near the pool. What the f**king shit is that, PEOPLE PAY TO SEE WHAT THE TITLE SAYS NOT MORE HUMAN TIME ON SCREEN THAN PREDATOR! Thats why if they come up with a new storyline that does not involve aliens because aliens is the first cause of two movie floppers because the people who make them dont know how alien vs predator movies should be done. People want to see alien vs predator its that   simple! There was only 1 good fight through out the whole movie. Trust me i know what i am talking about and if predator 3 is made with no humans, people will know its not going to be like the previous avp, avpr films. They have to do exactlley what i said, high budget, good directors, and most important a good storyline that does not involve humans only the predators life.
  11. Xenomorphine
    And like I said, Brian, what you're asking for is a computer game. You can't make a solid two hours of a film about nothing but Predators fighting completely unrelated space creatures. People wouldn't watch it and it would get boring. There would be absolutely no story and nothing for the audience to relate to.  Especially when you keep in mind that the Predator is meant to be a sadistic villain, not a heroic icon (remember how popular Freddy Kruger became, until you remind people he was basically a paedophile with a blade fetish).  You're also asking for what little mystery remains of the creatures to be taken away from them.  Save that for CGI cut scenes in games. It's not something you can make a decent movie out of.
    i would like to see a Predator remake instead of a sequel. which it is more fun and exciting to watch and hopefully see more Pred movies after this one.
  13. brian
    all i am trying to say is i want absolutley zero humans in the sequel. I want and people pay and want to see predators kick ass with new and brought up creatures from space that will give them a real good fight. have some of the ugly looking creatures tough and complicated to kill but in the end the predator shows his strengh and wins the battle. show where they came from and how far they are from the predator planet and how they got there, or how they met. This is a whole new story for the predator franchise that can be a success if they really try a new storyline and actually take the time and make a good movie with a high budget, good director, and most important a good storyline. I can garuntee if they do something similar to that, it will be a boxoffice success, and will open the doors for maybe a sequel predator 4 movie in the future. thats all i want, its simple but for some reason they do 100 percent the opposite. I dont understand that!
  14. Xenomorphine
    Brian, the ordinary film watcher is not going to pay to see a film about nothing but a couple of hours of a Predator fighting space aliens. That would equal zero story! You're asking for a video game, not a movie.  How great would the original one have been, if it was like that? Part of what makes the things so great is that the invisibility made them mysterious and enigmatic. A great deal of that film's success is down to the human characters. A casual audience needs characters with whom can emotionally relate to.  Saying that a 'Predator' film doesn't "get the f**king shit right" if it has humans in it, would mean there's never been any film in that series which ever has.
  15. brian
    make a sequel predator 3 movie with absolutley no humans. have the predators fight other mysterious space creatures that will give them a fight. i am not talking about the aliens. show their homeworld and their strength and technology. ALL I WANT TO SEE ON SCREEN IS PREDATORS HENCE PREDATOR 3!!! I DIDNT PAY TO SEE THE MOVIE HUMAN AND PREDATOR!!! GET THE f**kING SHIT RIGHTT f**kING DUMB MOTHER f**kING ASSES!!! NO f**kING HUMANS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. The G-man
    Ow boy, looks like Fox is losing it major time. A predator remake can be good, but please don't make it the same scenario! Been there done that... as far as I'm concerned the pred/alien franchise is waiting alonside the Styx river for Charon to be transported to the underworld...
  17. brian
    the peopleof fox is the stupidest movie producers. they dont know how alien and predator movies should be done. for christ sake do a sequel for predator 3 in space with apsolutley no f**kIN HUMANSSS!!!!! GET THE f**kIN MOVIE DONE RIGHT FOR ONCEE f**kIN ASSHOLES!!!!
  18. Zillamaster202
      >:(   COME ON FOX!!! They r frekin gonna ruin the Predator and Alien series if they keep this up...what's next, talk about an Alien remake with Michael Jackson as Ripley or something, then Fox is asswipe...LOL   >:(     :(  
  19. Xenomorphine
    No Iraq, thank you. While it has potential, it's not very likely that most writers/directors would be able to resist the urge to put in some sort of satirical political commentry on it and/or the entire Middle-East situation, in general, with that setting. Something I've grown rather bored with, over the last few years.
  20. Soul
    I would rather have my own testicles dipped in battery acid, cut off, and fed to me in a turd sandwhich than for a Predator remake to happen, let alone with some WWE jerkoff.
  21. §niperhawk
    Fox tried to screw over Watchmen. that along with this pile of shit just killed that glimmer of hope left for them. Cena can't act worth shit, and his comment shows what a dumbass he is
  22. Commander Griker
    Aliens and Predator is less epic i loved it more in the late 80's and 90's and AVP 2 PC game now its geting f**ked by crapy visionaries that are not original the video games and graphic novels comics are the only thing keeping it alive in todays world
    I swear......this franchise is F--KED!   :o    Again and again.....AND AGAIN.....Fox will inspire others and themselves to set the bar low once again.
  24. Meathead320
    Remakes are only usefull IF it is to make a new movie based on an outside source material, that had been raped in the past.  Hulk 2003 compared to TIH in 2008, perfect example. I would like Supeman reboot after the steaming load that was SR for example.  Predator on the other hand was a very GOOD movie. Why not just make a sequel, that does not tie to either 1 or 2. 2 did not really tie to number 1 either.   Just have a military team, somewhere hostile on earth, and they get stalked by a Pred. One human hero, the rest get skulled. Not THAT hard of a concept. Place it somewhere HOT and significant today. Try Iraq. It can get 140 F in the day durring July and August. Right now it would be like a Predator amusment park.
  25. JRZNIN
    If this movie is made and by the sounds of it, it's gonna be bad, it will sadly put in concrete that there will be no more Predator films made.  Making another will not change the first two films sure, but it WILL tarnish what they stand for. And when i think in my memory about the Predator, I like to know that no films had sucked.
  26. Danger Close
    I don't think PREDATOR needs a remake, but I do like the idea of Cena in a role that pits him against the Predator.   I agree that a reboot or a sequel are the best bets, please no remake, remakes are for seriously out dated films, which PREDATOR is not.
  27. Hickson
    Fox and THIS idea is so FU***N STUPID can't find proper word on it. Fox is bunch louzy, co*ksu**n bi***es who is destroying this franchaise. The don't have any fresh idea and they want to "remake" a film that MCTiernan almost perfectly done. This is so sad... It's all bout money, not funs anymore.......
  28. aliensun
    i would like to just see them make predator 3 with all the action stars of today. look at what sly is doing with his new movie. just put a predator in there to kill them all!!!!!
  29. yupi
    there is only one predator 1...only one arnie...billy..poncho...f**k the point...there is no f**king way they could make it beter then he original...   8)  
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