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NECA 7″ Alien Figure Pictures

A couple of days ago, NECA released pictures of its 7″ Alien Figure which will be released later this month.

“Today NECAonline revisits the original sci-fi nightmare as we debut composite images of the upcoming Alien 7″ Scale Action Figure! Movie-accurate, standing 9″ tall, and boasting over 20 points of articulation, the Alien Action Figure is the first figure that truly captures the nightmarish essence of H.R. Giger’s iconic creature design. The Alien 7″ Scale Action Figure will begin hitting store shelves at the end of this month…”

20080511 NECA 7" Alien Figure Pictures

Thanks to Mr Weyland and Von for the news.

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Comments: 18
  1. ZEN
    As for AVPR,have a unique Wolf holding a whip,a spear and have all his blades out and have his shurikans be flying through the air and give him a range of 10 with an 11 cick dial with lots of powers (that are compatible with heroclix) and he'd be perfect!!!   ;D  .And for Chet,give her an 11 click dial with many of the queen's powers and give her some special powers and again,perfect.And ya know that planet hulk figure?.Have a one square dial and put Dallas and his bro and whats-her-name on it,give it a range of 6 (while being able to hit up to 3 targets) and an 11 click dial (because theres at least 3 ppl on it) and it whould be cool.The rest of the victems cam be the rest of the towns ppl.They could even add some preds as victem tokens!!!!!   ;D  .Now if only Wizkids whould pull their thumbs out of their butts.........
  2. ZEN
    Ya know,they keep coming out with action figures and models and video games,but whould'nt it be cool if they turned P1 and P2 into a horror(or hero)clix set?!?.They could have the jungle,the rebel camp,the subway,the penthouse and even the pred ship!!!.Give it 2 preds for P1,1 armed to the teeth,the 2nd being with only basic armor and wrist-blades.And for P2 have 11 preds.A uinique Elder and a vet pred (who was the lead pred).Then for the 11th fig. you can have the lead pred be unique and missing part  of his arm and most of his weapons.And put in a Harrigan and Dutch figure and make all the victems/bystanders be the people from both movies.I'd be willing to pay up to $150 for that   ;D  .They could do the same for the ALIEN movies!!!.I'd love to get my hands on a horde of aliens (to face off against my 8-20 preds) and LV-426   ;D  .
  3. jimmylace
    mcfarlanes avp1line was really cool I thought. As for being frail- its usually the damn accessories that break. The thing that lets neca down are their dodgy paint jobs- the quality control isnt really there
  4. §niperhawk
    Though NECA's Alien and Predator figures look better, McFarlane has been a god when it comes to sculpting figures. his company has some nice stuff. my personal favorite is the military figures
  5. ZEN
    @ Gort Pred  NECA is way better then McFarlane.Some of their stuff does look cool,but NECA figures do'nt look like they'll fall apart if you take them out of the box   ;)  .
  6. Gort Pred
    I love NECA's aliens and predators, i think they should go back to the first AVP, and the first Predator and make those, NECA is so much better looking then Mcfarland and not as frail
  7. jimmylace
    Sod the 9 inch. Its all about the 21 inch- thats alot of alien for around $70. Looks great too- big fan of neca. Wish they'd hurry up with the PredAlien and Wolf large scales. I'm going to have to end up shelling out $180 for a Hot Toys Wolf.   >:(  
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