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NECA Alien Figure Pictures

NECA have released the first pictures of their Alien 18″ Action Figure based on Ridley Scott’s Alien.

20080111 NECA Alien Figure Pictures

In 1979, audiences were terrified by Ridley Scott’s genre-redefining science fiction masterpiece: Alien. In 2008, fans finally get what they’ve been waiting for: an Alien 18″ Action Figure from NECA! Captured in painstaking detail, the Alien hits shelves this spring. We’ll be releasing more details at NECAonline as they become available, but for now take a look at our first official images of this highly anticipated figure! And make sure to check back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Alien collectibles and more!

Thanks to Von for the news. Edit by Hicks: I’ve just posted up some high-res images of the 18″ Alien as well as some high-res pictures of Wolf. Thanks to Mark at NECA.

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  1. Hicks_0998
    There will most likely be an unrated or uncut DVD version so itll be better.  As for the UK fans: just do yourselves a favour and go see the movie coz it is an improvement on the first.
  2. Ty
    Well Mr.Spoon, the AVP-R Alien warrior fig NECA made and is on shelfs now is basicly the same kind of Alien design as the ones in Aliens. Their made for war.   >:D  
  3. Spoon
    What about the alien from aliens?  Still the best looking version EVER.  Would love to see that one made.  Would buy that one in a heart beat.
  4. Ty
    By the looks of it NECA will be making a lot of new Alien and Pred figs. I hope they make Alien 3 and 4 figs.   ;D   Also, that 18in. fig looks very cool. The classic look makes me drool. Me being an Alien fan thats a need to get. I already have Hybrid.   8)  
    wow that 18" figure looks badass even much better than what i got of the 12" figure from mcfarlene toys. why cant they make the aliens in the movies look more like the one from Alien which is a masterpiece and Aliens which is a masterpiece too. i loved the desgin in alien 3 but resurrection's desgin is ok but the desing in avp sucked. but i'm definately gonna add this awesome alien figure to my collection of Aliens/Predator collection.     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  6. Neon_Knight
    Meh, I think it looks too....gangly.   That doesn't look like something that would go running through air vents, and hiding in the corners of escape pods.
  7. Jenga
    Very nice. It looks like the capture some of the more passed-over details like the forwards slope of the top front teeth and the small size of the 'stinger' on the tail. Those feet look a bit strange but I wouldn't be surprised if they're dead on. I know Kyle Windrix (spelling?) said he really wanted to make it the best original alien figure ever created.
  8. Akarou
    This is what the Alien is a true masterpiece. Sure Aliens and Alien 3 had reasons for changing the designs. But Resurrection and AvP what the hell? They diverted too much from this bad ass.   Anyway great figure I'll definitely get this when it's released.
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