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Colonial Marines TC

I found this fantastic video on YouTube which led me to one of our linked sites, Pryotecto-Yautja. Turns out one of their forum members, Deimos Anomaly, has made this cracking Aliens game using the Doom2 engine:

20080102_02 Colonial Marines TC

The game text is in Spanish(I think) and there are only two levels. You don’t need Doom2 to play this, you just download and unzip. As far as I can tell it’s just a demo. If anyone reads Spanish(?), you can check out original thread over at Pryotecto-Yautja.

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  1. Sulaco
    I was playing those about 10 years ago, one game even had a Hudson voice over. "F$ck You" "Come get it baby" Oh, you want some of this! F$ck You!
  2. Nostromo
    Interesting mod, though it's very tough, even on the easiest level.  The two maps start off fun, but going through corridor after corridor gets boring.
  3. Vader the White
    Here's part of the second post:   CONFIGURATIONS AND CONTROL OF THE GAME: Before nothing. I have formed the game of a certain way and the comfortable way but, asi that here a summary of the controls of the game:  - To advance: it shoots with an arrow upwards directional - To back down: it shoots with an arrow downwards directional - To move laterally towards the right: right directional key - To move laterally towards the left: left directional key - To jump: button mouse 3 (straight) - To shoot: button mouse 1 (left) - To recharge the weapon: R (Important, quedarte without bullets and darte do not count can be mortal. Charge whenever you have few bullets, to do it when you have to a Xeno surrounds can suppose a safe death.) - To use/To activate: space - To crouch itself: Right Crtl - To aim/To move: mouse - To change of weapon: keys from the 1 to the 3, rotating key of mouse  VARIABLE OPTIONS: In the main menu (to which podeis to accede tansolo at any time pressing the key ESC of the game) is the section of options, where there are several sub-sections of contrlol of movements, sounds, resolution of screen, options of player and muchisimias but.  I hope that it has served as aid!  - Here I put a pair of captures, in case not habeis seen the one of the main page, in the news: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry for some words looking weird, but this is the best translator I have to use.
  4. Vader the White
    I made a translation of the first post: Project presents/displays to them, exclusively for all you, the game Aliens: Colonial Marines realized by the user Deimos Anomaly.  This game, based on the graphical motor of the well-known DOOM, offers the opportunity us to interpret in first person to the end Hicks in the mission of rescue of colonists of Hadley' s Hope as it took place in the film of James Cameron: Aliens the return. The game, at the moment, only consists of one demo with a pair of detailed and claustrophobic missions (LV-426 and Orbital Defense) that give to hours of game filled with worthy action and suspense us of the films. Although the game is inspired by the films also will offer missions us other people's to them a worthy script of such.  (Links)  Gracias Deimos for this exclusive right and the excellent work carried out. We hope to be able to soon see the game the complete one!   PS: I have already had the opportunity to prove this demo and in brief (I have not had time still to pass it to clean) post my commentaries ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Post 2 in next comment
  5. Starkiller
    off topic fan, I saw a two big posters of avp-r in the city centre near me (birmingham) Looked awesome one was of the wolf the other of a alien..with the 'alien font' logo and jan 18th release date, it also said on 'earth everyone can hear you scream' it looked amazing and it finally feel's avp-r is coming soon hear in the lovely u.k    :D  
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