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Aliens: Colonial Marines: Ice World – New Aliens Fan Audio Drama!

Alien audio drama mastermind Anarchist86ed is back with a new series, based on AvP Galaxy’s very own TheSailingBunny story Boreal Nightmare. Set within the Aliens universe, Ice World doesn’t feature the traditional Xenomorph, but focuses on the Colonial Marines instead.

“A bunch of expendable bitches get the call to pick up some Weyland-Yutani explores who have gone missing on a frozen little ball in the ass end of nowhere. What will they find other than some gas mas wearing little goofballs?”

The MP3 is available to download here. Aliens: Colonial Marines: Ice World is the third Alien based audio drama series that Anarchist86ed is working on. If you head on over to his YouTube channel, you can check out the previously released episodes of his other series: Alien: Solara and Charon. If you want to check out more of Bunny’s fiction, head on over to her page!

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