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AvPGalaxy’s Aliens:Colonial Marines Pre-Release Community Week

With the latest Aliens game, Colonial Marines, due out in just over a week we at AvPGalaxy plan to celebrate with a week’s worth of community events!

  • Monday 4th February – Aliens Community Watch
  • Tuesday 5th February – Alien vs Predator Classic Game Night
  • Wednesday 6th February – Alien vs Predator 2 Game Night
  • Thursday 7th February – Alien Community Watch
  • Friday 8th February – Aliens vs Predator (2010) Survivor Game Night (360)
  • Saturday 9th February – Aliens vs Predator (2010) Survivor Game Night (PC)

As some of you may have noticed the AvPGalaxy chatroom is back online. This is to play host to the community chats as we watch the films.  All you need to do to take part in the chat is be a registered member of the forum.

AvP Classic night will be via the Steam version of the game. If you haven’t got it already, it can be picked up for a measley price of £2.99. And for those of you that thought AvP2 was dead…think again! So crack that disk out!

All events will begin at approximately 8pm GMT. They’ll be a thread for each event so keep your eyes out on the forum for more details!

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