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The Predator Official Fan App Has Been Released!

20th Century Fox has officially announced and released their new Predator Official Fan App. With it only just being released, the content is a little on the slim side (though we do have the first episode of the App’s weekly video, The Rundown) and seems to be primarily pulling in existing content from the various Predator social media pages but they seem to be promising more!

“Calling all Young Bloods. Join the hunt on the Predator Official Fan App, the ultimate destination for:

SKULLS. Participate in forums, complete challenges and submit your own fan content to earn skulls, unlocking special features, videos, stickers and more.

RANK UP. Use skulls to rank up from a Young Blood to a Yautja leader for more exclusive content. Unlock various Predator emojis.

THE RUNDOWN. Head Hunters Tory and Dave bring you up-to-date clan content with weekly coverage of Predator news, interviews, fan interactions, humorous sketches and more. 

FORUMS. Visit the forum to connect with other recruits to discuss all things Predator.”

 The Predator Official Fan App Has Been Released!

The Predator Official Fan App is now available to download!

The Predator Official Fan App is available to download via iTunes but doesn’t appear to be available on GooglePlay or for all countries just yet. Those of you who are currently unable to download the App to join in can access the content via!

The app also features a section for San Diego Comic Con – which kicks off tomorrow, the 20th – so perhaps we might be seeing some Predator announcements down there? It seems a little too early for news about The Predator but we can hope.

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  1. tukoc
    Found it on the AppStore at 8:30am GMT
    Had to search "Predator Fan App"
    otherwise it wouldn't show up

    Also already had a comment of mine deleted  :'(

    Caption was " we find them sometimes without their skin and sometimes much, much ..."
    and I replied with "...worst"
    Cause that's what she says instead of "worse"
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