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AvP2 Population Trailer Review

Hicks over at Alien Experience has done another fab trailer review, this time for the Population Trailer that was released last week. Here’s a little bit:

“The most interesting angle of this trailer is the same reason it’s dubbed the ‘population’ trailer. As the kills mount the town’s population drops, and as I am told, the numbers are indicative of the actual body count in the film, albeit not exactly accurate down to the last number.

I believe the setup at the beginning is an intentional attempt to lure the viewer into thinking they are watching a trailer for the next run-of-the-mill slasher flick, when out of nowhere all hell breaks loose, and next thing you know the Predator and Predalien are fighting it out toe-to-toe!”

It covers the positives and the negatives. Be sure to check the rest out.

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Comments: 11
    Awesome trailer, I'm pretty sure this movie will do alot better than AVP. But like most of u said, too bad the big future war isnt coming anytime soon. I can't wait till i get the psp AVP game. Plus I got into touch with some of the Fox interactive workers and  one of the producers; Chances for AVP3 game fps will have spit acid and a tail kill move for alien. Plus, it will come out for pc and if any game console my cousin said they would pick the ps3 for sure because they dont like the idea of putting 2 disc into the xbox 360 one for you can play all 3 species and that means alot of levels adn extras- computer just has u pretty much download the game while ps3 has it on one disc. So hopefully it comes out by next summer. And i really hope it will have the saME SUPPORTIVE CONNECTIONS LIKE aVP2 PC SO I CAN PLAY ONLINE OR RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN type for ps3.   8)  
  2. zen
    I think every movie should be given a shot.I meen ya,everyone has a different taste,but i missed out on a lot of movies because of the trailer not being good or someone saying it was crap,and that annoy's me to no end,so who ever's reading this,just give the movie a chance,it'll only cost $5-$10 and a couple of hours,so take your family (if you have one) and just enjoy a night with them,watching a scary movie,and dont nock it before you see it,you just might happen to like it   8)  .
  3. Mymphisgold101
    This review is dumb. Who says that the hunter and his boy were legally hunting? Alot of people do that illegally when you live near a wooded area. Also, what is the problem with teenagers being heroes? That is a bit narrow minded to think that they can't handle a gun as well as someone else. Well, I guess this reviewer doesn't live in Memphis. Don't question me question the crime rates. The only real problem was the maternal heroism and the guitar. I'm twenty ( just out of my teens so I guess I don't count ) and I can fire a gun better than anyone else I know, but I suppose it's an archetype that we aren't as smart. You don't grow IQ's people.
  4. zen
    It might have been private land that that guy was hunting on.i know that if i owned my own land i probably whould'nt need to have an orange vest,and if i ever saw someone on my land who was'nt supposed to be there (especially if they'er hunting)  i'd shoot them on site for trespassing!.I whould give them a proper warning of course   8)  .
  5. admiral max
    if you notice in the trailer when you see the predalien queen from a side you see wolf use his whip on the predaliens tail and the predalien flings it away to the back pause and watch lol
  6. Optimus Virus
    I like the population trailer. At first i wasn't sure about the start because that isn't what predator or alien films are about. But after a bit it grew on me. I suppose were not goin to get the AVP we all want (set in space, in the future, a big war etc) with a decent budgey, cast and director. But i suppose what we senn for AVP-R it will have to do!  Rock On!
  7. watcher
    did u notice in the red band trailer dallas,s brothers girlfriend is the one killed by the flying disc,  dallas, brother then chases after the predator shooting at him.  his brother is then impaled by an alien in the back and through the throat.   ;D     and also the part where u see a blast hitting something and exploding if u pause it u notice the predator is sitting there u then see a seen wolf falling down.   :D     ;D  
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