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AvP2 Trailer Status

Both Greg and Colin spoke today about the status of the AvP2 trailer. Greg said on IMDB that they’re still sorting out which trailer to use. Colin said here that they will see some new trailers tomorrow. Fox have been testing out different versions and there are two cuts which a lot of people like. They’re currently finishing the film off (and adding some new stuff to the movie) so that’s their priority.

Greg said that his estimate (of a week or so after Comic-Con) was a little optimistic but they’ll be letting everybody know what’s happening. I reckon it’ll be the middle of next week when we see it. Also, Colin revealed today that there will be two trailers. A green-band one and a red-band one. At the end of the green-band it’ll tell you the name of the website where you can watch the red-band version apparently.

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  1. Lithium
    God damit!!! they ruined it! the pic of the predalien has Dredlocks!!!! ok ok i know some of u say thats nessasery as it is of pred origin, but from the preds story line, they arnt natural, the're twisted and made in front of the whole crew which is before their first hunt another of their ceremonys, its meant to be very painful the way they do it...but point aside just a little thing to add, also its about time, iv been digging up as much as possible im glad there starting to show something from all their hard work! go the brothers!!!   ;D  
  2. RAF
    the website is out there i came across it on google, it was a count down of about 30 some days left on (this is almst 2 wks ago) ive tiried to find it again but i haven been able to do so the. AVP2 07/08 was on the page and that was how i found it. i sure that was it because the web page was done really good
  3. SHREK
    i found it on planet avp, sum1 already posted it but i wasnt sure if i was supposed to say cus u might b rivals or sumthin... or am i being stupid? i havent posted news before     ;D  
  4. PredatorKing 2776
    Hey Shrek do you mine posting the url for where Colin and Greg spoke about releasing the trailer. I believe u and stuff I just want to know everything they said. Thanks!
  5. D2
    some guys on IMDB posted that he saw the trailer attached to RH3. Now i am guessing that must be for some overseas country and not north america.  But according to him they don't show much at all. It is similar to the first alien teaser trailer.  Maybe this is a lie and he is trying to make us watch the abomination i.e. Rush Hour 3
  6. PredatorKing 2776
    Hey guys for some reason it wont let me on the threads at IMDb that JK posted.    >:(    So would someone tell me basically what they say?   ;D  
  7. D2
    This entire thing reminds me of ERAGON. That movie also had very late marketing. The trailer for that didn't come out until mid september. I expect same for AVP2.
  8. PyroAcid
    anyone notice just by looking at the cast of this moive whos going to live and whos going to die ? ok 15 pepole 3 kids and 3 females 18+  9 men? hmm who knows this tally? 1 female 3kids and 1 dude lives  pred dies aliens die the end . this moive is to easy to know whats going to happen   all were wanting to see is the eye candy look a pred  oooo look a alien oo look a pred alien oh no were screwed  lol "game over man game over"
  9. EpsilonOrpheon777
    Pvt. Hicks:  see... that WOULD have worked if i had been one of the ones going "where's the effing trailer... mannnnnnn i'm gonna kill myself if i don't see it by wednesday night at 12 pm PST" buuuut unfortunately i'm not i'm waiting patiently the bros. know what they're doing and the movie will not suck i will kindly ask you to not purchase a ticket to watch it thanks
  10. D2
    LOl i think Colin told the truth first by saying 5 months!!  He changed it later to 4 months.  This movie is definitely not coming christmas. It will come out in January or february.  Trailer not until Residen evil 3.
  11. mjacobson
    @gameoverman: Necronomicon IV, right. Whatanassiam. I forgot. In my defense tho, it has been stored in a closet for some years. I think, for the majority of us, the alien isn't scary anymore. It's more like the exchange between Ripley and Ash (and I think I'm paraphrasing here): "You admire it." "Not for what it does, but for what it is."  And to get back on topic...WHERE'S THE WEBSITE!?!?
  12. SHREK
    i have a bad feelin that the trailer wont b out 2day   :-\   i hope it is i cant wait anymore!!!! and btw in the movie are the aliens supposed 2 b able 2 see the pred when he is cloaked like in the game ??
  13. Yautja boy
    Dear supergeek,your a pa*king idiot.The movie VanHelsing only had a $1million budget and did it suck.No!And besides,those brothers will do a 1000 times better than you ever could.But yes Transformers is a realy good movie.
  14. PredatorKing 2776
    Cannot Wait   ;D   Oh and everybody is taking my name, PredKing and predatoriankang stuff like that.    ::)   Well I can understand you got to addmit I have a cool name!   8)  
  15. Adam
    They better get going on the marketing SOON (something they should've done months ago). I want to see that trailer not just on the internet, but in theaters as well.
  16. mjacobson
    gameroverman: thanks for that link. Nice insight to the Alien movie. I used to have a framed print of Giger's "Alien IV" (Scott's inspiration for the monster) displayed in my living room when I was a bachelor. There was no mistaking the phallic symbolism   :o   I got sidetracked looking at all the cool animatronic Alien and Predator stuff made by fans. I wish I had that kind of talent   :(  
  17. EpsilonOrpheon777
    hmmmmm interesting man everyone at the IMDB boards are having a hay-day with that whole mention about a baby being killed... wtf why does it matter? the movie is supposed to shock us and scare us, not give us fanboy orgasms.
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