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The Green-Band Trailer

Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not online.  :sad: The trailer was shown before Death Sentence and a few people have posted descriptions of it in the forum (here and here). It’s the same trailer that Arrow in the Head posted about last week. AdamJZ’s description sums it up quite well:

“It starts out the same, then you see only the hand of the hanging body in the forest, it cuts to Ricky and Dallas in the sewer, and they spot a chestburster coming out of a small tunnel. after that a group of teens or some people are in a pond or lake, you can see a shadow of an Alien swimming towards them, then it pulls people under and someone screams “get out of the water!”

Then it shows an extended scene where the Father is in mollys bedroom telling her there is no such thing as monsters, the alien breaks through the glass the same as with the R trailer, there is one new shot of the predalien. then it says “This Christmas” which is where the Silent Night song begins. there is a short montage some new shots include: A doctor in the hospital with an alien sneaking up behind him (very Alien 3), A shot from inside a helicoptor cockpit where the alien jumps on the windshild, The predator throws a shurikin at an alien, killing it.”

The underwater scene sure sounds great. Not sure when to expect it online now. Somebody will no doubt put it on YouTube. I was hoping to watch in high-res on Apple rather some crappy quality version.

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  1. MEGADETH9mm
    good thing is, looks like all the gore scenes have been shot, so no matter what fox orders them to do, we are guaranteed a gory bloody movie on dvd.  just the way the franchise is supposed to be.
  2. Jake
    Not to play devil's advocate but don't forget that the MPAA has rated films with ratings higher than they were in theaters.  Fox could still go back and order the Strausse's to recut the film to the PG-13, though given the red band trailer and the Strausse comments, I doubt it.
  3. brian
    hey does anyone know where the green band trailer is. ill probally go see death sentence tommaro because i dont think it will be comming out soon
  4. scarface
    well technically i could show you the picture of a space jockey if you even wanted, but nobody here listens to a word i loss.   >:(     :(     :P  
  5. cockroach
    is the green band trailer out in uk with death sentence? if so im tempted to go see & record 2mro night for youtube (ps is the film supposed to be any good?)
  6. vortep
    I start to lose interest for so mutch waiting.Alot of you says to sit and wait but furst you tell us how great the trailer is,greater than the RED BAND one (and the red band is realy good so i imagine the green).My hopes is to see in to the end of the week.  PS:I must tell you i was a statist in the upcoming Hitman movie that was shooted in my home town of Sofia    ;D  
  7. Xerxész
    Stop egging SublimeDBC on to put up the green band trailer. Anyway, there's no point in putting up on the internet because Fox will delete it. There aren't already any of AvP-R trailers on YouTube...Fox deleted them all. So I suggest to wait until they put the trailer up officially.
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