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  1. Danger Close
    It was all right. The blue filter was a bit too overpowered. I thought the creature effects and make up were great. But the acting... the acting left alot to be desired. A good effort but your camera work needs some improvment, I also didn't like the how long the camera lingered on a scene. The concpt was awesome and I hope you can keep on with part 3.
  2. spawningcarnage
    this movie sucked.  i don't care if it was made by a testes have more character and diversity than this piece of crap.   :)     ;)  
  3. Cellien
    @Celtic_Power:  There are other ways to convey suspense besides overly long and constant claustrophobic close ups :)  AvP had tons of close ups and you couldnt tell what the hell was going on. To each their own I suppose...   Just trying to give some tips instead of saying everything was "perfect".  No biggie :)
  4. Celtic_Power
    HOLY CRAP!!  That was awesome!!!!  Was that really made with like a camcorder?  I don't know what your talking about Cellien.  I thought the camera angles were perfect!  It reminded me of classic sci-fi like the first Predator.  I'm sick of this Michael Bay rapid camera angles that create absolutely NO suspense!  (See AVP)  My one only gripe is the way the Predator died.  Dutch's whole team couldn't take him down with a zillion rounds of ammo in the first Predator, but one shotgun shot to the neck can kill him?  Hmm...  Otherwise 5 out of 5!!!  Excellent!    ;D  
  5. Cellien
    Hi Pete,  When I first saw the day to night sequence at the beginning.. I immediately thought to myself the filters were a little heavy and oversaturated.  I am a concept artist by day, so I am thinking about arrangement and composition a lot.  I would recommend pulling out the camera sometimes and pull away from close ups of parts that you know the effects are a little iffy (the bone outta the hand).  Some more dramatic camera angles may convey a much more menacing Predator.  A lot of this stuff can be fleshed out with a storyboard artist.. Someone that has an idea how to get feeling from camera placement.    I thought it was a great attempt, and one hell of a learning experience I bet.  You guys should give it another go and apply what you learned from doing the first.     :)  
  6. Buckaroo
    As the actor in the film, I enjoy hearing these opinions!  The toughest aspect to this film is to cater to everyone's enjoyment.  Making the fight scenes better, speeding up the scene cuts, Does the Blue make it look like night time? Did the special effect props look convincing...etc.  Atleast you guys care enough to take the time to give opinions.  Thanks!!  Pete
  7. Wolfy
    It was a great watch for a fan film. Kept me entertained to the end. Was scary in a sunspenseful manner :O  For anyone interested, the music introducing part 3 is: John Murphy - Who are you   It's from the Miami Vice remake I believe. :)
  8. Xenomorphine
    Some of it did not make much sense. Would the Predator not understand it was a machine, from the thermal signature?  At other times, it appeared the director was too keen on showing off the special effects and kept them in frame to a degree where the illusion was destroyed. The shot of that 'broken arm' is a case in point. Those teeth also seemed far too white and clean. :)  But it was a good attempt at making a film. The atmophere, as a whole, was well done.
  9. Johnny Handsome
    Very well filmed and good effects, but it was such a great Predator costume, they should have done much more with it IMO. By the way, in the summer im going to direct my first fanfilm myself with all my friends, but not starring Alien, Predator or Terminator    ;D  
    Watched it all last night.  It was good for a fan film.  Some great effects, great costume, some good compositing.  But a lot of the shots were held far too long in my opinion.  Liked Batman Dead End much better.
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