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Alien Identity – Alien Fan Film

With Alien: The Adora Files due out any day soon and Predator: Dark Ages due to premier later this month, it looked like we were about to return to a period of drought for fan films. Then Sonnet Realm Films announced their upcoming Alien fan film, Alien Identity:

“ALIEN IDENTITY takes place 14 years after the events of Jim Cameron’s 1986 blockbuster, Aliens. It continues the story of Newt, the little girl we all loved, but despised to see perish in vain. They decided to bring back Newt, played by Elle Viane Sonnet as a young woman with an undeniably haunting past and an uncertain future.

“I love the character Newt. Bringing her back has been something I’ve thought about for years, which is why this film takes place after Aliens, and dismisses the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection. It has been pretty much accepted as canon, that the last two films of the series are considered cryo-sleep nightmares, which we have no objection to,” says Writer and Director Adam Sonnet.

Amongst the many extraordinary people coming on board the project, some of the talents include: Emmy Award-Winning Make-up Artist and Creature Designer, Brian Sipe, Terminator Genisys, X-Men First Class, and Star Trek: Into Darkness; Celebrity Creature Concept Artist & Consultant, Neville Page, Prometheus, Avatar, Star Trek, Oblivion, and Falling Skies; Saturn Award-Winning Writer/Director Marc Zicree as a writing consultant, Space Command: Redemption, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II, Star Trek DS9, Sliders, and Babylon 5; and many more exciting names soon to be announced.”

Elle Sonnet as Newt. Photo Credit: Adam Sonnet and Graphic Credit: Gale Benning Alien Identity - Alien Fan Film

Elle Sonnet as Newt. Photo Credit: Adam Sonnet and Graphic Credit: Gale Benning

The Alien fan film has been a project that the Sonnets wanted to do for around 2 years but production started in earnest around 2 months ago. Alien Identity is expected to start filming from the end of 2015 with an eventual release of late 2016. They will be starting their Kickstarter campaign around July time with announcements as to their cast in the coming months.

Alien Identity will be the second recent Alien fan film to return Rebecca Jordan, aka Newt, to us! Aliens: LV-426 was released at the end of May 2014 and portrayed an alternate sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens. We spoke to writer, director and producer Márcio Napoli in June of last year.

You can follow Alien Identity on Facebook to keep up to date with the Alien fan film and their latest developments.

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