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Interview with Felix Christian Berner – Alien Fan Film

Since the release of fantastic Aliens Epilogue starring Trevor Steedman and Terry English in 2012, things have been a little quiet on the fan film side of things. That is until the latter half of 2014 when Alien: The Adora Files and Predator: Dark Ages were announced.

I recently had a chance to have a chat with the man behind the upcoming Alien fan film, Alien: The Adora Files. Created by the one man movie-making machine, Felix Christian Berner, Alien: The Adora Files is set between Alien: Isolation and Aliens:

“Alien: The Adora Files takes place between Alien: Isolation and Aliens and features some characters from game and some from the movies – for example also the father of someone you already know. I am really proud of our Working Joes because in the universe my movie takes place in we have a company that is called Tyran Industries which is rival/competitor of Weyland-Yutani.

Tyran is the leading company of an alliance called The Union which also includes Seegson as a partner, so Seegson and Tyran are working close together to defeat Weyland-Yutani. The ship on which all hell is breaking lose is called the U.S.S. Adora — a Union space ship that belongs to Tyran Industries — where the crew is fighting/losing against some aliens — but where the aliens are from is a secret right now.

My movie is kind of a sequel to Alien: Isolation but with strong military aspects like in Cameron’s Aliens. I don’t want to say too much right now but be sure that I am creating a fan-film for the fans and because of an appeal I did on some great Alien fan boards, we are also featuring some fans as Colonial Marines in the background – like Spat from Spatcave, the creator of the amazing Spat Armor!”

 Interview with Felix Christian Berner - Alien Fan Film

The Adora and the rescue ship Protos as designed by Dieter Joppich.

Be sure to check out our entire interview with the enthusiastic German film maker and learn more about how the project was created! Make sure you also head on over to their Facebook and check out some of the cool stuff Felix has been doing. The Alien fan film is due out later this month. We should hopefully be having a chat with the guys behind Predator: Dark Ages soon as well.

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