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John Cena Talks Predator 3 Again

Rumours have been circulating around the net for some time that WWF star John Cena might be starring in the next Predator movie. posted up an article in which Cena talked about the possibilites:

“If so, Cena says he’s not afraid at all of following in Arnie’s footsteps, in fact “I actually welcome it. I’m right on side with the media. If it’s not gonna be me, then it’s gotta be somebody, right? I grew up on those movies. They were fun to watch and they honestly and legitimately gave, not only me, but a lot of people heroes, and in retrospect, those movies have become cult classics where the people who like them are drawn towards what they are, and if not, they get parodied, they get made fun of. “

You can view the full article here.

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