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Predator CE Review at

A second review for the Predator Collector’s Edition DVD set has been published on The review is fairly positive except for the remarks about the artwork understandably. Here’s an excerpt:

“The effects of Predator were also remarkable. Not only was the camouflage effect unique but the alien makeup itself was stunning. The alien was definitely a guy in a rubber mask, but the helmet, dreadlocks, and mandibles made him one of the more amazing looking aliens in movie history. Everything about the Predator was just cool. The character was a real high point in Stan Winston’s career…”

You can read the rest over at
Thanks to The Ultimate Predator for the link.

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  1. Oh
    Yeah but I've got it virtually and its a Must Buy if you are a pred fan, the making of is really good and there is tons about how they done the pred and a nice tribute to Kevin Peter Hall, that was nice of them to do.    OMG wait to you see the original Predator they actually shot 1 scene with it , it is sooooooooo stupid and cheap looking LOLOL, I was laughing so hard when I seen it.  Thank god they changed it.
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