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Predator Blu-Ray Review

The first review of Predator Blu-Ray is up on DVDActive. They reviewed the UK version but the US version will most likely be the same. The picture quality is obviously better than the previous DVDs but there are no extras on the disc except for a couple of trailers.

“Unfortunately Fox again fails to treat an iconic film with the respect it deserves. This is one of the biggest action films of the 80s starring one of the biggest names in Hollywood – a bare-bones disc really isn’t good enough. While this is currently the best looking and sounding version of Predator available – purely by virtue of the fact that it is a high-definition release – it still falls considerably short of my expectations for the format. Predator should have been completely remastered and given a full compliment of bonus material to really show off the capabilities of the Blu-ray format. Die hard fans might want to pick this one up to tide them over, but it’s over-priced, under-specced, and I can’t see it shifting many Blu-ray players.”

Predator on Blu-Ray goes on sale in the UK on 13th April 2008.

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  1. ZEN
    In 5 years or so Blu-Ray should be the same price as normal DVD's,so im not going to waste my time on this.As for "Also they've already released Predator and its sequel a number of times so apart from improved picture and sound quality what more do you expect?",I've see'n several interveiws with Stan Winston that were'nt on my CE:P1.There was also an interveiw on BRAVO with the actors that was'nt on it (I think).Plus they could fix the deleted scenes and add them to the movie so you could watch the nomal version and the extended one.Not trying to pick a fight,I'm just saying   8)  .
  2. Johnny Handsome
    I have already seen the blue ray and it really isnt that good, but better then the dvd. I have some screenshots on my pc from the quality. In germany the blue ray is already in stores.
  3. davebhamuk
    Erm doesnt anyone realise the reason why they release blu-ray/hd-dvd discs with not much on them is to get the fans to make more money. It's really wrong how they expect people to switch to HD when there isnt enough of a difference and they dont put enough stuff on the discs.  It's not just Fox though and even though people claim they are the worse major studio they are also the studio who's dvds I have the most of so I dont buy they are the worst.  When Blu-Ray/HD-DVD was about to come they were talking about being able to release all the lord of the rings films on one disc and that kind of thing which would be good but they want you to buy things you already own again.  Also they've already released Predator and its sequel a number of times so apart from improved picture and sound quality what more do you expect? The same goes for the Alien films theres so much on the Alien quadrilogy what else could they bring out for the Blu-Ray release?
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