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Predator R2 Boxset Review

Thanks to PlanetAvP, a new Predator merchandise site has just surfaced. This extensive site has just released a review for the upcoming Predator Boxset in the UK:

“So we go back to the original question… was it worth $200 (including duty and taxes)? Not really, but it’s still a cool piece and a welcomed addition to my collection, even though I think I spent $75 or so more than it’s worth. To be honest, I would have preferred to pay double the price for a quality resin pre-paint along the lines of the 1:1 scale Sideshow Predator Bust than pay much less for a so-so piece. To be honest, someone with the right skills could probably re-tool this thing and re-paint it and make a GORGEOUS piece from it… it’s a great foundation to build from.”

You can read the full review here. But that’s not all the site has to offer. Be sure to have a look around the website at all the different Predator merchandise.

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