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First Predator CE DVD Review

The first review for the Predator: Collector’s Edition DVD has been published on horror movie website, Bloody-Disgusting. The 2-disc DVD set will have an array of special features including a director’s commentary and will be available on August 10th for America. Here’s part of their review:

“A DVD just about as explosive as the freaking movie?! You’ve got to be kidding me? Not only that- but when you pick up this bad boy on DVD August 10th, you get a FREE ticket to Fox’s upcoming Alien vs Predator! No I’m not lying to you, the Predator: Collector’s Edition DVD is jam-packed with goodness and has so many reasons to buy it, there’s no reason not to. Besides getting the single greatest jungle combat movie ever assembled you get two disc’s with tons of featurette’s, a commentary track, cool easter eggs and tons more.”

It’s given an award of 5/5 ‘skulls’ on Bloody-Disgusting so apart from the questionable artwork, it’s still worth picking up.

Thanks to AvPNews for the link.

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Comments: 17
  1. El Diablo
    The "Making of" featurette is pretty cool and shows some very funny behind-the-scenes stuff with Jesse Ventura, who has a tendancy to talk to the camera in his "wrestler" mode (always the showman). The cast interviews are great (they reveal some very interesting things about the casting of actor Sonny Landham) and there are a few great bits about the original creature design that was rejected by the studio and the director. You wouldn't believe how ridiculous that thing looked in motion, thank goodness for Stan Winston. On the first disc, the only AVP related things are the "Making of the Creatures" featurette and the Internet Preview that was released in March. I wish they would have stuck the latest theatrical trailer on there instead but it's all good.
  2. Hell Alien
    Coooool. Hope it will be worth it. this is gettin better by the second. But i would love to have this dvd with P1 and 2 on it, more easters, more action, more for our money. I know its 2 discs but man, i hope it will not be like SE.
  3. Variable
    When DVD are first released they are always cheaper or discounted. If it supposed to be 20$ I can find it for 15. This is a big time for us, the soon to be released AVP movie, the Predator DVD, gettting answers from PA himself! It doesnt get much better than this. I think this is the best I have ever seen this site. I am proud to be hear and be affiliated with you guys.
  4. Aliasp
    I assume the R2 SE is the same as the R4 SE DVD as well - which I didn't realise had so much extras on it until last night (the fact I have owned it for so long and not watched these shows that a) I didn't look hard enuff or b) I work too hard!)
  5. Oh
    If u own the UK/Region 2 version of Predator Special Edition it is not worth getting, as you already have a better version than the US release, the US release only contains addition fox previews for upcoming movies etc, while the Region 2 version has about 10000X better and higher quality box cover.
  6. J
    Do you think that its worth getting this as well as having the Predator SE as well? ( I don't know if its worth getting this version as well unless there more extras)
  7. Variable
    Good to see it getting the respect it deserves. I will be first in line to get one when it is released and I will give you guys a personall review. Dont think there is much of a differance between it and PredatorSE. Are the easter eggs the same?
  8. G-Dog
    *drooling.....................wiping mouth..........................shaking...... ...............* This better be true, and not all hype. This is a great!!!!
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