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High-Def-Digest AvPR Review

Another new review of the AvP Requiem Blu-Ray disc can be found on High-Def Digest. It’s pretty detailed covering all the special features. Their view of the movie is negative of course but they give the disc 4/5 overall.

“‘ALIEN vs. Predator: Requiem’ is an entirely inconsequential film, and a nominal addition to both the ‘ALIEN’ and ‘Predator’ franchises. It only exists to show off some cool creatures tearing apart a lot of people — although that may be enough for fans of “Vs.” flicks like this one. This Blu-ray delivers quite well on the video and audio fronts, and the supplements are about as good as one could expect for a film that’s not really about anything. If you just want to watch an utterly stupid (if good-looking) B-movie, then by all means, enjoy ‘AvP:R.’ It also makes for a fine demo disc, too.”

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Comments: 22
  1. Gort Pred
    Oh shit its Jordan! Everyone run, he has ALL THE ANSWERS! lol   :D     ya know something like this has happened once before with movies...what was it?....Oh yes lol hey AVPR is the first movie for the Bros. Ya know what that means right. Hey Jordan, your right all the time right? Well then you know that every director's first movie SUCKS!!!! Look at Speilbergs first movie, and Lucas movie and Camerons, and Burtons, and Scorsese, really look at his first movie.   Hey you know everything right. Your always right? So are you in a film school? Really though, not just say it and your not. If not...then you should go and become a director and make movies for us all. And remember, your first movie will suck. Then your second will be not so bad...but then after all the shit in the past, becasue "your always right" you'll be the greatest movie director of all time. Your name will be everywhere. Then you'll run for president and end war. Wow your the greatest guy in the workd    ::)  
  2. konradski
    its amazing how many of you dont understand the 4/5 rating  its for the overall product and how its laid out and not just about the movie . fck me learn to interprit what is written in the review instead of flying off tangent and living in your own mind for one second .step the fck back and take another look     >:D     >:D  
  3. frenchpred
    "Do the same for Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Predator & Predator 2 (replace original creature), and see, all this movie have potential. AvP just use Alien & Predator, without them... no comment you understood."  Ridiculous statement.   ::)  
  4. Gort Pred
    Freshbreath, I know you get it.   Its not about saying a movie is bad is well bad. You can say a movie is bad or good all you want, but hearing it over and over and over gets annoying. The ppl who hate it and have lives have moved on now and just won't bother with it.   I'm just sick of hearing the same thing over and over and over and over again.
  5. Gort Pred
    SHREK...just stop ok and just respect others ok. This isn't about the movie, this is about you treating others like crap for liking it.   And Clemens, all of that is your oppinon. I know there is a movie you like or all of us like that is bad to others. And they will say its a fact that its bad, but you still like it. Just becasue I say its a fact that American History X is a great movie doesn't make it true. I'm just saing it becasue I love it. I say Cat in the Hat is terrible and saying that as a fact becasue I hate it. Don't forget, just becasue there are reviewers who don't like this movie, some of them say its good becasue they know it was made the way it's meant to. If there are ppl who like a movie, then its not fact that its bad, and calling others stupid for liking or disliking a movie is the worst thing to do.
  6. Clemens
    The reviewer wasn't disrespectful, he was honest.  The only disrespectful thing about all this is how Avp requiem disrespects the Alien series, and to a lesser extent, the Pred series.
  7. SHREK
    i think some of u need to relax and just remember its JUST A FILM... and i mainly come on this site cus i like 2 see the artwork... i see peoples comments and its as if u all treat it as a religion...u think i care if u like the movie or not or if u giv a crap what i say....if u like it good for u...
  8. Freshbreath3
    I agree with Gort Pred  most reviewers make the movie even worse.  just shut up already and buy the dvd or not  Too bad I don't have HD TV to AVPR in Blu Ray DVD.
  9. Gort Pred
    YAUTJA  Thank you.   and SHREK why don't you just either respect others who like a movie or just wait until AVPR is out on DVD and AVP3 is in talks on here. You don't talk nonesence, you just try to bring others down who like it. I'v seen so many f**king threads here about the movie, the ppl who like it are there, and out of no were there you are telling all those ppl how there waisting there time and yours just becasue they like the movie and you don't. Since you come here alot to talk about this movie still, maybe deep down inside you really like it. Alot of ppl are right, when they ask "why are you still here if your just gonna talk bad about it" and the excuse is "oh I'm a die hard fan of corse I'm gonna be here" well seriously, I think now some of you like it. It grew on you I bet. You even called some ppl on here stupid for liking this movie. WHAT?   >:(   calling others stupid for liking a movie? That is the worst thing ever.
  10. YAUTJA
    i hav no beef with u SHREK, but theres a lot of things with Gort Pred that i will agree on. im sure uv stated many times that u dont like the movie, but at least let us who did enjoy it, talk about it without critisism. we respected ur opinion of it....respect ours?
  11. Gort Pred
    SHREK  the ppl posting here are really the ones who like it or wll buy it, hopefully for a good cost and not some "oh well i have the first one and the others, I'm getting this even though it sucked" excuse. That is the lamest thing ever, how sad can you be?
  12. Gort Pred
    SHREK, ok now your mixing my words. I never said it was bad that you don't like it, i was saying its annoying to hear the same person or ppl say it over and over and over, sucking all the positivity out of the ones who like it.
    How could they give this a 4/5 when they just spent most of the time being insulting and disrespectful? Thats a strange way to make friends   :D    Thats like me slapping someone and then saying "Hey so, were still on for tomorrow night right?"  How about no! You f---king idiot lol.
  14. Le Celticant
    PREDALIN-K: "To me it had everything a Sci-Fi could want. Aliens,Predators,PredAlien etc"  Yeah cos there is only alien & predator, remove them, see how the film fall...  Do the same for Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Predator & Predator 2 (replace original creature), and see, all this movie have potential. AvP just use Alien & Predator, without them... no comment you understood.  (PS: science fiction what the hell? gore movie yeah.)
      ???   Look Peter M. Bracke is intilted to his view but I don't agree with anything he said. I still loved the film. To me it had everything a Sci-Fi could want. Aliens,Predators,PredAlien etc. This guy was very critical about both films. I say judge for yourself and don't listen to some film critic. To me the first AVP was more like an ALIEN movie. Slower build up with a story and then on to the action. AVP-R was more a PREDATOR flick. Faster pace lot's of action and gore.
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