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New Predator Blu-Ray Review

There’s a new review of the Predator Blu-Ray Disc over on DVDBeaver. Despite there being no extras, the reviewer gives the Disc 9/10 overall. There’s also comparison shots between the SD and HD releases, and the captures do look quite impressive.

20080407 New Predator Blu-Ray Review

There’s also some menu shots from the Disc at the bottom of the page. Strange that they used the Predator from AvP. The Predator Blu-Ray Disc goes on sale on April 15th. Thanks to Desmond for the news.

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  1. Zeemiee
    yea man same with the wepeons   >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     :'(     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D  
  2. "Flare"thePredator
    Why can't they use a different Predator besides Scar from AvP!!! I mean come on!!! Couldn't they come up with another Predator design besides the one from AvP!?.   >:(     ::)     ???  
  3. Johnny Handsome
    I dont like the look of the blue ray. They turned the contrast up too much and its darker now.  I dislike it, but at the moment i dont have a blue ray player anyway, but even if i had one i wouldnt buy this.
  4. gameoverman
    I'm not shelling out all that extra cash just for a tiny improvement in image quality.  I have Predator SE DVD and the image quality is fine if you darken the image to hide the grainyness.
  5. darthmaul1
    Doesn't look really any better than the SD DVD. A little clearer but that is it, You have to remember that there is not much point to buy the older movies on blu-ray, because you can really see any imperfections that may of been hidden originally or the special effects now look cheesy. and no special features? the 2 disc edition of predator had alot of stuff in it.
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