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Carsten Norgaard Interview

Carsten Norgaard, who plays Quinn in Alien vs Predator, has spoken to Sci-Fi Wire about a fight sequence he was apart of. He says he broke a rib while filming a scene with a Predator but continued working to finish the scene:

“The fight sequence was shot under conditions that made acting difficult, Norgaard added. “What was so incredible was that we had four of these huge continental jet engines, like the biggest ones in Europe, [blowing on us],” he said. “When you [turn] those on, I’m telling you, you cannot stand. You’re virtually flying away. Then you add [artificial] snow. It’s like a blizzard. I had to scrape snow out of the eyes [in between takes]. You definitely get the feeling that you’re in an incredible, ruthless environment.”

Thanks to Jason and TheStorm for the news.

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