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Ridley Scott on Alien 5/Pred 3

According to MediasharX, Ridley Scott apparently had an interview with a Japanese DVD magazine called Famitsu Wave and spoke about Alien 5 and Predator 3. Here’s the main bits of the interview:

FW: And the rumor of another Alien movie?
RS : We have been talking about doing another one for years. It’s been a complex situation. At the end of the day, a studio has to be pleased, a core audience has to be pleased, and a director has to agree to all that. I am glad to say things are progressing…

FW : With you as Director?
RS: I don’t think I’ll be directing, but I will have some involvement. It’ll probably be based on an idea I have, so I hope I’m asked to be involved… In broad terms, It’s something for those folks that want to see Ripley’s Journey come full circle and..

FW : Do you know when this will happen?
RS : Fox are waiting to see how Aliens vs Predator does, and then they’ll do the Alien movie, and I believe a Predator film too. Again, if I’m involved in it, great, if not, then that’s luck of the

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Comments: 34
    An unusual comparison!  Gandalf, Frodo and Wormtongue (etc) weren't individual film franchises before now!  So, should Batman and Superman be "seperated" (assuming a BvS movie were ever to be produced)?  I've always preferred the Alien series to Predator, but to each his own!  Jordan    :)  
  2. Aliminator
    ATTENTION ALL AVP FANS  PLEASE PLAY THE AVP 2  GAME ALL YOU CAN KILL BLOODBATH!!!! MULIPLAYER _____________________________ _______________ ____________  ok, my comment is why people kept asking for alien5 and predator 3? it's better if they both in one movie, not seperated. i mean i would watch lord of the rings, not movies of each lord of the rings characters!!!!
  3. Jordan
    AR was an okay film.  As previously mentioned, I liked the basic premise (and also, on retrospect, the visuals also).  Its 'comic-book' feel distanced the overall movie from the equally varied tonality of earlier entries additionally (which is good, IMHumblestO!).  However, the final product's qualities are far outweighed by its shortcomings, resulting in a weak Alien film overall.  I feel similarly regarding P2 (in terms of plot, at least).  Hopefully, AvP / A5 / P3 will reinvigorate these dying franchises, assuming the latter two are produced!  Jordan    :)  
  4. Osiris
    weeeeell i thought alien res was a stunning filr, however...i thought the "newborn" at the end really sucked...way to stupid and destroyed the mivie for me... i think alien 5 shud be the last alien movie...b4 they ruin the concept of the movies alltogether. maybe the avp series will be a hit and it will be taken from there. oh and the pred films....they better do better for the 3rd than the second movie (it stank big time)   ???  
  5. Hunter
    God, alien resurrection wasnt that bad... i think they should have left it at 3 but they did'nt, so tough. resurrection was stylish, moderatley exciting and winona ryders quite fit. roll on alien 5   :)  
  6. Jordan
    I agree, yet disagree, Aliminator!  Weaver is nearing her sixties (and will probably be bicentennial by the time this damned film emerges!!!), however she is necessary for the completion of the Alien saga in the final / conclusive / definitive chapter of the entire epic Alien tale...  Jordan    ;D  
  7. its me predalien
    I think they need to give the aliens a more monkey look. It look like a dude in a suit with a bigg head and a tail. The predator looks fine but they need a new species. Im gettin sick of all this 1980's guy in suits as aliens from a distant planet!   >:D  
  8. Jordan
    Yo, "Anonononomous (sp?)"!  Apparantly a developing alien embryo 'feeds' off its host's protein by 'connecting' with its DNA (hence Kane's ravenous hunger and the behavioural and slight physical characteristics of the canine-alien in A3).  Anyhow, I agree AR was atrocious, but I like the basic plotline (USM Auriga as a setting / Ripley being cloned two centuries on etc...), and for those reasons, I'd prefer it was made as opposed to otherwise!  Bring on A5!!!  Jordan    8)  
  9. Anonononomous
    But, but, Resurrection sucked. The Alien movies should've ended with 3. I don't know where they got the idea for Resurrection, but it was so bad. Cloning a woman with a parasite doesn't clone the parasite too.
  10. the one
    this is about the avp movie ok if we what to make this movie good we are going to need good music to so this is what i think they should have on the movie they should have the song "when worlds collide" i think its the rite one for if so write back every one cause i what to here what you have to say about that!!   8)  
  11. Broken Tusk
    Not more bloody Alien and Predator films! Let the series die with dignity (and I use the word Dignity loosely, after the atrocity that was Resurrection).   Attaching a name to a movie doesn't always guarantee its going to be a success. Directors who direct their own sequels end up being shit. For example: Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Lost World: Jurassic Park. Oh yeah, let's not forget, Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions.  If Ripley will be in it, with the Alien home world, then it's a certain flop. The new Ripley sucks ass. Invent new characters!   But we all said the same about Alien vs. Predator going to bomb (even Sigourney Weaver stated it was
  12. Killer_Kakashi
    Hey, I had an idea for a pred-3. what if, as usual, a Pred landed on earth for the hunt and was captured by the military for experiments. they took the pred to a special military base out on some island. Then a month or two after the Preds capture a second pred arrives to see why the first Pred has been held up and finds he's been captured. the Second pred atempts to save it's fellow Pred while the Main Human characters atempt to hold the Pred at bay while their captive can be shuttled somewhere else?? Let me know what yah all think.    ;D  
  13. its a me predalien
    how wouls he predalines meak regular alines look vulnerable there like 6 1/2 feet tall. if u ask me that aint that week. and the predalien could just jump super and fined better hiding spots. maybe the pred alien is neutral and will attack anything that moves. in the game AVP2 they r very ggresive so they might attak even fello aliens(just guessing)
  14. d-mac
    bad idea predalien, because if u did that the aliens would look vuanrible-which we dont want.the fact that its in a pyrimid is good because the aliens have plenty of places to hide and to jump out from.if they were all running to get u in a street they would be trouble because they would be an easy target! -and probally wiped out in one bazooka shot.
  15. its a me predalien
    its obvious from what those guys posted that they saw a box of stuff called hybrid that there will be a predalien. the only question is how will it come to being will a face hugger jump onto a alines face? yeah to bad the avp movie is in a pyrimed and not outside od it at least part of the movie.   :-\  
  16. Jordan
    A5 will most likely NOT take place on Earth, to clarify.  This is because AVP does and Scott, Sigourney et al. have voiced opinions contrary to such a setting.  An Alien homeworld of some sort is most likely at this point in time...  However, didn't some Fox guy *officially* state (in recent news) that were AVP a success, AVP sequels etc would be the reality as opposed to A5 / P3?   Time will tell...  Jordan   ???  
  17. izzet
    I think the fifth should be helmed by Ridley scott and should star a relativaley unknown cast without any big leads because look at alien and what it done for weaver, same example with predator and arnie. If avp is half decent it should start its own series too + no rock music for avp!!!!!!!!! its all about the suspense and thrills
  18. Killer_Kakashi
    But why bring em to earth? I still don't get why. Besides, the idea with the Alien films and the Predtor films is that they stay separate, that AvP is the place where they cross. I think its best if the Aliens have their movies, Preds theirs and then AvP for total mayhem!   8)   Nice idea, but I'd rather see an Alien film with just aliens and a pred film with just preds, and an AvP with both.
  19. Killer_Kakashi
      :-\   Uh, Dallas, I got a problem with that story there, what's the space jockey's reason for invading earth? are they even still around anymore? I mean maybe they all died out, Maybe they made a mistake making the aliens and it ruined them, caused their down fall. In the first alien film a warning message was sent out from the ship. well wouldn't that mean that they were trying to get rid of the aliens? what if that ship was sent away from their home world in order to save themselves, maybe the aliens were just too damn bad ass to handle? That's just what I think. I was just wondering what you thought the motivation might be for the space jockey's. cause I can't really see one. If they had a motivation then it would be an awesome movie.
  20. xenofan
      ???   I hope we get to see an alien 5 & pred 3 whether the avp movie is good or not  that way  us alien & predator fans  have something to look forward too either way  h.r. giger has to do the alien design in alien 5 cause he did such a wonderful job with the first  alien   stan winston could do the predator design.  he also did a good job on that  sigourney weaver should be in alien5  arnold should be in pred 3. I mean think about it if you have a movie without the star  it wouldn't be a very memorable movie
  21. Dallas
    Hey Guys what about this: The Space Jockeys want to take Earth down. They send an armada of Boneships (like in the first movie), and bring Alien Eggs to Earth. They are breeding fast and take over. The colonial Marines must fight a big War against the Alien Creatures. And in Alien6 they find the Homeplanet of the Jockeys and the Aliens and destroy them once and for all...............i think this would be cool!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Jordan
    Two words in passing regarding this article (assuming it's fact...): "OH YEAH!"  I'm actually eagerly awaiting the forthcoming AVP film, and the prospect of A5 is simply grand, to put it lightly!  Yesyesyesyesyes [cue irish jig]!  Jordan
  23. Aliminator
    I hope they wont stop making avp or alien or predator   ;D   but the alien evasion could starts like: in the future, the scientists cloned some alien genem like in the alien ressurection and aliens escaped!!!   ???  
  24. RichardK
    OMG! YES!!!YES! Another Alien movie, lets see it on earth aliens invade earth and the predator movie lets do the same or have us attack the preds planet with earth's military! And AVP! wow i cant wait for that, man what a treat for us fans!
  25. Aliminator
    If they making avp 2 movie, should be in a open city like Predator 2 or another planet, like other Alien movies. But still, I look forward the avp movie!!!   ;D  
  26. the one
    man i hope they make another predator and alien movie and if they make the predator 3 arnie must be on it and it would be cool if he was on alien 5 to kick some ass but the avp movie would be the coolest movie in the world if weaver and arnie played on it so come and lets see arnie do another predator movie and maybe even a alien movie that would be sweeeet!   ;D  
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