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More News on Alien vs Predator

Over at JoBlo’s Movie Emporium, they’ve published a long and interesting article of their trip to Prague to go behind-the-scenes on the Alien vs Predator movie. They’ve included information on the plot, cast, interviews with the crew and detailed info on two of the scenes they witnessed. Full article on next page.

Here’s some of the interesting points:

-More practical effects, less CGI! There will, of course, be some CG imagery used, but there will be more miniature & practical effects used in AVP.

-No radical changes in the designs of both creatures – They’ve remained true to the original designs of both the alien & the predator. They’ve only made slight changes to them, bringing them into the millennia, in a sense, by making them a little more wicked & powerful. The articulation and sculpture of the predator hero in AVP will be much more subtle and he’ll have a wider range of movements so as to be able to convey emotions. This is key because he will apparently emerge as one of the main focal points in the film.

-Advanced Weaponry – More elegant touch to the weapons. The predator will have an ornamental dagger; which will be used in the film, his throwing discs have had a make-over and there have been slight alterations to his shoulder-mounted gun.

-Many different locales & time periods – (Whaling station -1904 & present day – in the Arctic circle, mountaintops, archeological digs, naval ships, predator ship & helicopter travel, ice grotto, pyramidal catacombs beneath the ice, various chambers within the pyramids – Entrance Chamber, Chamber of the Gods, Sacrificial Chamber, Hieroglyphics Chamber, Staircase Chamber, Fight Chamber, The Bone Chamber, etc.)

-Scenes inside the Predator mother ship – The inside will have a mixture of styles & designs ranging from medieval to gothic to the “predator” look.

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