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I was just contacted by Andy Freedman – his team manages online publicity for the UK release of Alien vs Predator and he gave me a mini press release of the UK trailer and a picture of the UK teaser poster.

20040714_29 More AvP News For The UK

Set in the early 21st century on Earth, Charles Weyland, an industrialist billionaire, leads an archaeological expedition in Antartica. Using thermal imaging satellites, Weyland believes to have discovered the ruins of an ancient pyramid temple that predates the Egyptian and Aztec pyramids buried under the ice. Once inside, the team finds the remains of humans with holes in the rib cage and the remains of facehuggers, meaning that the possibility of the temple being uninhabited is very unlikely. To make matters worse, five teenage Predators are coming to the temple to perform a coming-of-age ritual that involves fighting to the death with the aliens. Soon, it becomes clear that only one species is getting out alive.

Notice in the synopsis that it says five teenage predators.

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  1. J
    IF the movie grosses more money than FOX expects then what are the chances of them doing a sequel that splits into 2, ( similar to Kill Bill & L.O.T.R)? FOX will be minting it in seriousily, the potential hear is BIG if it is to become the stand along franchise.
  2. Harry Turner
  3. J
    Somebody, I agree with you 100% 0n everything you said man, especially about the "fight for survival " tag line,  I am very keen to see the the look of the Pyramid in full detail.      ;D  
  4. IndianaJones
    I actually have that AvP poster, its quite big as its ment for cinemas (seen it around since before April) but I did wonder why they have the Predator on the left and the Alien on the right, would have been better if they were the other way around but no matter. Cant believe it is a 2 month gab though between the US release and the UK release but it could be worse, some parts of the world wont even get the film until 2005
  5. Somebody
    Well, a director can only do so much with the given amount of budget!. If he wanted to explain every single details of how/why/when the Pyramid was build, and what are the relative consequences of drilling a whole in the would be boring, and it would take a lot of money.  The movie will be based on "fight for survival". You know? That's just my opinion....
  6. Ermac
    Two questions:  1. How would the Preds get down there in the first place? That is if the humans hadn't dug the hole first?  2. If they warm up the pyramid then won't the surrounding ice melt and drown everything in the it?
  7. Me
    The preds turn the furnace within the pyramid on via remote control while otw to earth, fancy way to heat the place up so to speak. Not to mention it would get the attention of rubber necks via satelite to which would also provide insta hosts    ;D  
  8. Aliminator
    i wouldnt be surprised if it becomes the greatest movie hit in august or summer, but i would be surprised if didnt. ans i thought we had the vote before?
  9. Jonesy
    Thanks for the explanation guys. I guess the turning on the pyramid from space seems reasonable, but it looks to be way deep down in the ice, how could you be sure humans would even get there? Keeping an Queen alive tho with some kind of machine for, what, centuries? ...just doesnt sound very believable. And it sort of makes Aliens seem like they can be too easily controlled, like theyre sort of toys. I dunno, Ill wait to see, but the plot seems kinda fake - like its just an excuse to get all three species together at the same time.
  10. Me
    The preds turn the furnace within the pyramid on via remote control while otw to earth, fancy way to heat the place up so to speak. Not to mention it would get the attention of rubber necks via satelite to which would also provide insta hosts    ;D  
    Well Jonesy i can answer that,                       no its not a coincidence,       SPOILERS   Well to answer, in the book sebastian comes to the conclusion that these heat waves that are picked up by weyland's satellites, and humans investigate  dont worry sebastian will tell you in the movie  also the queen is hooked up to an ancient biomechanical stasis machine so that once the pyramid is online that there are machines plugged into the queens reproductive system and make new eggs that are put in the sacrificial chamber
  12. Jonesy
    So its been years, centuries even, since a human has been in this pyramid, and now when  its re-discovered and humans are sent to explore, Predators just happen to arrive at the same time? That sounds like an impossible coincidence to believe. Maybe there's a reason the Preds know humans are there? And how could Alien eggs survive that long? Guess Ill have to wait to see. But there better be a reasonable explanation for that or the movie's gonna seem pretty dumb.
  13. shakermakerman
    its all about what film is out when so they dont have compitition if you look at whats out in auguse in america on yahoo ull see there is nothing really good out so they do it the same all over the world.. its all avbout money
  14. >>AGENT GLENN<<
    I have to wait till the F***King 29th of S***ing October!!!!!   >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D     >:D  
  15. Barreth
    Ok there J... keep it together there buddy... on the poster is says autumn 2004... which would suggest it's going to be released after sept 21... and before dec 21... so looks like ur probly stuck somewhere in the middle... so it's probly still gonna be released oct 22...  Aug 13th is the release for the states and canada
  16. unbalanced_equation
    Morons! They got the pictures the wrong way round! The Pred is supposed to be under the word 'Predator' and the alien under the word 'Alien'! People who haven't heard of either franchises will just get confused as to which is what.
  17. Barreth
    Ok... 5 teen preds... now that we've got that shit sorted out... hopefully there wont be anymore retards posting dumb questions like "how many preds are there?" or.. "I only see 3 preds, so is there 3 or 5?"  Now all we need is a rating and we'll be in business...
  18. Hell Alien
    I dunno the real reason, but i know that doin a worlwide premiere cost alot $$$$$$$$. And you never saw that happen exep for matrix and 2 other movies wich i dont remember. But 1 thing is sure, it suck for ya guys. Every damn fans over the world should be able to see the thing at the same time, not months after. If i were a millionaire, I would pay ya guys the trip here. Really i would, just for the aliens fans tho. Eh eh.
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