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Alien vs Predator US TV Spots

Alien vs Predator TV Spots are making their way across US television this week with clips shown on the TechTV network and Fox. Here’s what Rafael had to say:

“Here in America at 10:40 or so at night on Monday evening I saw the very first tv spot for AVP. It was about 20 seconds/30 seconds long and unlike the one shown on IFILM the classical music played through out and showed scenes shown in the theatrical trailer. I was so excited I barely caught a glimpse of the new phrases shooting across the screen, although one reference to ‘hell’ was made.. and omg, just now at 11:06 at night they showed the tv spot from IFILM! This was all on the TECHTV network.”

It certainly appears that Fox is finally getting the promotional campaign for AvP going now. Thanks to Celtic and Rafael for the news.

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  1. J
    Trust me, when the first spot drops in on England am going to scream this whole site down,  When AVP premiers in the States I want to know ALL the reactions from the stars , (well, these ones more) :  Ridley Scott James Cameron Sigoney Weaver  I only mentioned these people in specific because it would be interesting to hear THEIR reactions to the movie, enticing them to doing an Alien movie even further.
  2. Predalienstrike
    Thanx    ;D   I was over at avpworld. And then i saw it,so i wrote a e-mail right away.  quote:ANTI-PG13 CAMPAIGN Thursday 01/07/2004 posted by Corpral Hicks -  Well myself and Darkness of AVP Galaxy have decided to launch a joint campaign to stop fox from making Alien vs Predator a PG13, we're going to try and get our various fox involved sources to bring this to foxs attentions. We'd like all of you opinions on this-IN FORCE. So bring out your fury and email fox at  end of quote:  I hope to get a reaction from them. And now you guys also have the adress. I do hope its the good one. And G-dog sure i dont mind input why should i.Its always good to share ideas.   :)   Maybe they will build a museum or something at universal studio's. Its a shame that they still dont have a attraction at universal studio's. I mean they have jurassic park over there,and thats newer. And aliens and predators are a lot more terrifying. And im sure they could scare the hell out of people.   ;D  
  3. 120 min film!!
    a rating worry is bad enough,but does anyone know the film's length? I heard it's a mere 1:27  OMG I remember when Superman IV was released it was over 2 hours..but massacred to a crap 90 mins commercial ..let's rush em in..then back out movie..and look what happened to Supes after that major studio blunder!!
  4. Growler
    I'm pretty sure after this weekend, you'll be seeing new tv spots with the rating on it.   The count down at the AvP-movie site is at 22 days.  I'm sure that with in 10 to 15 days left till the movie, we'll get the official rating.
  5. G-Dog
    predalienstrike, whats the e-mail bro?????!!!!!!! and congrats to ya!! I hope that they think about it. One thing though, if you don't mind my input, I think it would of been better if you mentioned the Alien and Predator meuseum built somewhere instead of having an exposition that goes around the world. I think that they will think that it will be too much money. Maybe having an Alien and Predator museum Universal Studios or something (?) some thing of that nature would be better. But, the fact that you threw the idea out to them is GREAT, good job man.     8)  
  6. predalienstrike.
    G-dog ive just send a mail to fox   quote: Dear Fox crew,  I have a question, and no its not about the outcoming movie of Aliens versus predator. Im a fan of both the franchises. And I had an idea but did not know where to go with it. I saw on the internet that there is a Starwars museum. Which is really great for the fans of Starwars. But here is my question, Or idea. A alien/predator exposition that goes around the world. With props and models and all kind of things. I hope you like the idea of it and that you will do something with it. I had shared the idea with a couple of other fans. And their reaction was great. They all liked it.  I hope that you will also like the idea, and i hope to get a reaction from you.  Thanx for your time end of quote  Hope that I get a reaction soon. and if not i will send it again and again and again.
  7. Predgirl
    Well about the rating again if you go to the MPAA site and search for the movie they don't have the result yet.  I did it a couple times and no results came up.  So any of you go to the site and put AVP it probably won't show up.
  8. Variable
    Saw another one boys. Yea on Comedy Central watching Chapell . It was great. I had new stuff in it. It was great. As for you people out there a movie rating can be changed. Jaws was changed fron R to PG because there was no PG-13 in the 70's and It wasnt "powerfull" enough. Whatever the hell that means. Its still delivered the terror. Did it not? I know people that wont set foot in an ocean because of that flick. Big chance AVP will be rated R but if not it will still hold a certian amount of terror as in the first alien movie.
  9. G-Dog
    That is freaking funny you mentioned star wars because I was going to post that in my previous message stating that HELL! Star Wars fans got theirs why not A and P?  But I deleted that. And I know what you mean man! Dude I am trying to find out how to contact FOX myself. I know there is an e-mail that people use to send thir ideas to FOX, but I don't know it, nor can I find the damn thing.
  10. Predalienstrike
    Well if i could i did it. But its very and very far from me. you could say. I live in Holland. But Is there not another way to contact fox or something like that? Because the starwars fans got their museum. So what about alien/predator fans. Then we can email fox about the idea.
  11. G-Dog
    Yeah, a museum of all Alien and Predator things from the movies, costumes, props, replicas etc!!   Now that is a great idea Predalienstrike.  Ready to march up to FOX studios?
  12. Predalienstrike
    Id like to see a Alien/predator museum exposition. That would be great. With props and all the other things from the Alien/predator saga. I hope they will do that in the near future.
  13. Predalienstrike
    Hahaahha lol Yeah! thats a good idea. And give us a tour trough the sets and let us see the props. And if we are happy. We let them in again.    :D  
  14. G-Dog
    I say fans march over to FOX studios and not let anyone in for work untill they give us a rating and asnswer our questions regarding our beloved Alien and Pred franshises........ yeah!
  15. Predalienstrike
    Ok I didnt mind the poop monster personally, only at the times it was to much cgi. Thats takes away the effects. And also the mystery of the aliens. Cause they are always in the shadows. What I did like in AR was the idea how the queen gave birth to the newborn. Yeah its great to have their bio look a little back. And also the queen looks different and better then the one in AR.The preds do look very cool.The elder pred looks very great and very differend from the preds of 1 and 2. Now only a predalien burster. Id like to see that   ;D   Or other creatures that are locked up in the predators ship.
  16. Midian_After_Dark
    I'm personaly against the Woodruff's bug/beast (POOP MONSTER) look but i'm very glad at the attempted revisions to make it look more boimechanical like alien & aliens. I love the predator revisions in weaponry & armor! wow..
  17. Predalienstrike
    I think so 2. When i saw some scenes my mouth fellt open. Like the queen hanging on those cables. Damn that looks very good. And all the others to. And thank goodness that the style looks like alien 1 and 2. And the aliens dont look like to cgi.
  18. Midian_After_Dark
    For the rateing eather fox is with holding it to hype us up (it's working) or the rating system can't decide or the film was submitted late
  19. Predalienstrike
    But maybe the rating will be otherwise then pg 13 Cause on they say this and maybe that explains there isnt a rating yet.  quote:  Can a rating be changed?    Yes, the rules permit movie producers to re-edit their films and re-submit them in hopes of receiving another rating. Producers may also appeal a rating decision to the Rating Appeals Board, which is composed of men and women from the industry organizations that sponsor the rating system. A two-thirds secret ballot vote of those present on the Appeals Board may overturn a rating board decision.   end quote.  So maybe PA is re-editing. After all he wanted a R rating also.    ;D  
  20. Predalienstrike
    I dont know whats its going to be. But i fear pg 13. Im looking at the page of diamond select toys. and heres what is says.  quote:  Diamond selecect toys offers a unique spin on hollywoods sci fi movie monsters with this all new plush toys! Based on 20th century Fox's Aliens versus predator. the8''-tall predator is made out of 100% soft materials. So even the youngest fans can enyoy this cute-and-cuddley interpretation of this classic sci-fi movie monster Well that makes me think it will be Pg 13. Cause Predators and Aliens are all but cute and cuddley. And youngest fans? Right killing slashing monsters, and the youngest fans?  ???   ..... right. And thats not all they even have a alien and a facehugger! It doesnt matter If it will be that rate im  ;D   a fan of both the creatures so i will still going to see it. But it would be a pitty if they make it like that. But maybe if this movie will be pg 13 the next will be R we will see. Hope Spawn will create menacing plush versions of them 2. Like the plush facehugger and chestburster of spawn.   ;D  
  21. Leftcoastpunk08
    Saw it on MTV.  It was the rock music one.   Had "They're deadly" "They're Evil" They're Here".  Still pretty cool seeing it one TV. The rating, will probably be rated R.  The novel was pretty damn graphic.  But if Fox goes with pg 13.  I won't be turned off.  A lot of pg 13 movies today are pretty violent.
  22. BKB
    Not only is this good news for FOX getting this on the roll, but "E" News has officially stated that AVP is in fact, R Rated for Graphic Violence and language and Intense Scenes... Come on!! That is what everyone wanted now isn't it??? I popsted this news at another site, ROTTEN TOMATOES and even with the proof I posted, they still slam it and say it's fake and rhey'll believe it when it says it on the poster.. Can you believe the hate for this movie by people in the internet world??? Why all the hate??? Why??? I mean, if your a fan, then this is a dream come true film finally getting made and if your jot a fan, then why waste your breath bashing it and putting it down other than to compensate for what lacks in your pants and that's a big dick I guess, huh???
  23. Somebody
    Hey guys. I just saw I, Robot, and guess what movie trailer was shown. You guessed it: AvP. It was awesome.  I looked at the crowd and they seemed to dig it! :)
  24. avp fan
    the website would say the rating first, then the tv. I saw resident evil 2 was rated r on the website but when i saw the trailer of resident evil 2 b4 i robot, the rating was not stated. So, my advice would be juss to keep checking the movies website because it'll be on there before any tv does. Reason being because if the tv were to state it was R and it was really pg-13, it could be false advertising by Fox, unless of course the studio made adjustments and resubmitted the movie to the MPAA and they made it a different rating. If PA wants an R and the studio puts out Pg13, he could edit the film in a way he would think would give it an R rating and then resubmit the whole thing to the mpaa. According the mpaa website, a rating of a movie can be changed if the movie is amended. Let us hope for the best   :-\  
  25. Predgirl
    The movie isn't rated yet Punisher don't worry.  In my theory it might be rated R so far its been on channels only teens or older people would watch anyway like Shuriken pointed out.  I just wish they tell us right now and get it over with so I won't here someone asking about the rating over and over.
  26. Hell Alien
    HEY GUYS!!!!!  My friend saw the tv spot yesterday while he was listening to south park!! He saw it on teletoon . A cartoon channel. And you know what, the episode he was listning had a predator in it !  He said that we dont see the pred but we see the 3 lil dots and we see thrue the pred vision mode. Eh eh, how cool is that. South park rule!! teletoon rule!! avp rule!!    8)     :D     ;)  
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