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Predator: Hunting Grounds Will Have Panels At Both PAX South and GDC!

Illfonic’s upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds will be appearing at both PAX South and the Game Developers Conference where Illfonic will take part in panels dedicated to Predator’s latest entry in the gaming world! Up first is PAX South which takes place this weekend, running from Friday the 17th through to Sunday the 19th!

On Saturday the 18th at 12.30pm PM CST (which should be about 6.30pm for our readers in the UK) Illfonic will be taking to the stage in San Antonio, Texas to discuss what goes into making a video game based on an existing intellectual property like Predator!

Popular IP turned Immersive Video Game. Have you ever wondered how companies take famous IPs and make a video game out of it? Here to discuss this is IllFonic. Panelists will take you through the first pitch meeting to creating a great movie videogame. They will discuss bringing lore from film and implementing it into gameplay. As well as how they stay true to the existing canon while creating new fiction for the world.

For those who are unable to attend in person, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy understands that this panel is going to be streamed on PAX’s social channels so be sure to keep an eye on their Twitch page! Once we know exactly where the stream we’ll be taking place, we’ll be sure to post about it!

 Predator: Hunting Grounds Will Have Panels At Both PAX South and GDC!

Following PAX, Ifflonic Audio Director Steve Whetman will be walking audiences at GDC 2020 through the sounds of Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The sound for Predator (1987) is legendary, from the unique creature vocalisations to the vivid thermal vision sounds, the film is full of iconic sound work which still inspires sound designers and thrills viewers over 30 years later. Steve Whetman, Audio Director with the Illfonic team was entrusted to build upon the sonic legacy of the original film. In this talk Steve will take the audience through how the team unpacked some of the original sound design and how they built on them in a sympathetic and authentic way, to bring the classic Predator sonic aesthetic to Playstation in 2020. Topics will include analysing and recreating the vocalisations, Predator weaponry and gadgets, using real-time processing to recreate the thermal vision effect, and giving weight to the Predator with foley and processing. Lastly, a look into expanding the iconic minigun sound, which entailed a weapons recording session in a forest.

We don’t know when exactly the GDC panel will take place, but it will likely be during the final three days of the events when the main panels usually take place. There’s been no word on whether this panel will be recorded or not but we’ll be keeping an eye out.

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  1. The Cruentus
    If you ever get the chance, you make sure ask them about the female predator design, force them into an interview at gunpoint if you have to or even maybe use a jedi mind trick!.  :P

    I will probably only be seeing this on youtube, hopefully if there is a Q&A, someone will ask the question.
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