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Watch The Alien Covenant Prologue: Last Supper Clip!

A four and a half minute clip titled “Prologue: Last Supper” has been posted on the official Alien social media channels. This was expected to premiere during FX’s Legion episode 3 in a little over an hour, however, it has surprisingly been posted online early.

The short was conceived by Ridley Scott and 3AM, directed by Luke Scott (Ridley’s Son), and produced by RSA Films. It is not included in the film itself, but rather the start of the viral marketing campaign.

It introduces the crew of the colony ship: Covenant enjoying a last meal together before entering cryosleep. James Franco is featured in the clip as the captain, who retires to rest due to not feeling well before the crew celebrate their journey.

The meal is somewhat reminiscent of the original Alien, including a very on the nose, tense moment to throw viewers off.

What do you think about the crew of the covenant and the ship itself? Let us know down below!

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Update #1 (23/02/2017) – We have also uploaded the short sneak peek of the Last Supper that aired during Legion. It’s really short, at just under 15 seconds but it contains a couple of shots not seen in the full prologue.

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