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Hideous Plastic – In Stores Everyone Can Hear You Scream

Our resident figure reviewer, windebieste, recently announced a project that he has been working on for the last year and a half – Hideous Plastic, an unauthorised compendium detailing the legendary 18″ Alien figure by Kenner and it’s various clones:

“Currently being prepared, ‘HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream’ is a non-fiction book scheduled for release in late 2017. The book is an extensive and fully detailed investigation into the history, maintenance and continuing legacy of the notorious 18 inch tall Kenner ALIEN action figure released in 1979.  It is comprised of an excess of 200 pages of information and over 180 images.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC comprehensively examines the infamous action figure and is rapidly approaching completion.  An exciting KickStarter campaign supporting its publication will be launched in early 2017. HIDEOUS PLASTIC is an independent publication and is currently not supported, authorised or endorsed by 20th Century Fox or its partners and/or affiliates. “

 Hideous Plastic - In Stores Everyone Can Hear You Scream

You can find out more about the upcoming book over at the FAQ section of the Hideous Plastic website. If you’re interested in seeing a little of what is on offer in Hideous Plastic, you can check out pretty hefty preview (38 pages to be exact) and see what is in store when the book is released.

Hideous Plastic – In Stores Everyone Can Hear You Scream should be coming to Kickstarter in March 2017. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

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  1. windebieste
    Recently I purchased this head.  It's in good condition and all 4 mouth parts are present.  The trigger activation system works perfectly.

    This head will go towards one of the incomplete figures I have in my possession to make it feature complete and worthy of display.  This exercise is part of the upcoming KickStarter campaign I will be launching in early March. 

    Find out more on HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

  2. windebieste
    It's actually from the toyline:

    Kenner included the comics more than just for kicks.  They were a sly way of marketing other products in the range to their target market.  That particular comic was included with the Bull Alien action figure but the comic also features the toy vehicle pictured above.  Familiarising their buyers with products by depicted in comics, it was intended for them to be inspired to purchase the featured toys.   

    I don't know how successful it was as a marketing tool but it probably worked.

  3. windebieste
    @SiL:  We've known each other for more than 10 years and we both shared staff positions on Planet AvP.  Of course I trust you.  You.  Me.  Our dear map making friend from Sydney.  We got common ground.  I still think we should all get together sometime.

    @skhelter: Ya, it's amazing.  Especially considering it was intended to be children's toy.

    A small update on the site.  I've added an archive of 13 mini comics that originally were exclusively printed for Kenner's 1992 series of ALIENS action figures. 

    download the ALIENS - Space Marines.rar

  4. SiL
    Thanks Hicks  ;D

    Okay, so Winde was kind enough -- and trusting enough! -- to send me one of his Kenner Big Chaps to take photos and videos of. I'm like a kid in a god-damned candy store. I've seen photos of this thing for years, and honestly, I always thought it looked a bit "eh". The matte black plastic really doesn't look terribly appealing and the details don't pop.

    Now I've got one in my hands and my God, it's a thing of beauty. The detail on this thing is honestly impressive. If someone ever decided to do a decent paint job on one of these it would be perfect.

    I've been playing around with lighting setups, really trying to highlight the detail the thing has and make it stand out. Here are some of my tests so far:
  5. windebieste
    Hah!   ;D  That's a cool looking book.  I'm aiming for something similar.  Maybe not 400+ pages.  wow... that's just an amazing piece of work.  Around 250 pages is what I'm expecting to achieve. 

    I can get this first volume done - no problem.  Some of the correspondence and support I've received during the past week alone has been - well - encouraging to say the least! 

    Volumes 2&3 will be a lot different in so many ways - but there's no way I'll be able to tackle them by myself - even at the most rudimentary level it's too much for just one person.  It's just not possible for one person to have a sample of everything, lol.  It's just such a massive undertaking.  On the other hand, by the time I'm ready to tackle those volumes, this first one will be in your hands; and by then, I'll have a clear roadmap for Vol.s 2&3, just like I have for this first book. 

    Once again, it all depends on how successful this first item is.  Nonetheless, there is a plan.

  6. Perfect-Organism
    Dang!  I'm really impressed.  Best of luck!

    This is really on trend as well.  I think it's great how it's possible to appreciate toys as an art form.  There is a lot of work that goes into developing them.  This generation is lucky to have books made by passionate, knowledgeable people.

    Miniatures of my favorite car, the Citroen DS also got this treatment...
  7. windebieste
    I understand exactly where you are coming from.  Yes.  It would be epic and to my knowledge, it's never been done before.  I did a lot of research into the original Kenner item and only found journals and magazine articles.  I never came across a single volume that encompasses, say, Kenner stuff of the 1990's, Tsukuda Hobby, MacFarlane, Kotubukiya, Katara, etc... etc... etc...

    The best I could find was the recently released Sideshow Collectibles book, 'Capturing Archetypes'.  And that was very focused on their own product.

    What it boils down to, however, is I've already given it some thought.

    I hope that helps. 

  8. Perfect-Organism

    To your knowledge, has there ever been a book detailing the complete collection of Alien / Predator toys ever published?  If I understand correctly, your book mostly deals with the Kenner toy.  Wouldn't it be epic if there was a volume which also featured the Halcyon Dropship, and APC, as well as all the countless other toys that were produced?  I realize that such a large volume would result in a significant decrease in the in-depth analysis, but one might argue that you would be able to access a broader audience.
  9. windebieste
    Not a problem. 

    Don't forget!  If you have downloaded the FREE Preview Edition then feel free to provide me with some feedback.  I don't mind if you choose not to but responding is encouraged.

    I need to know if you found it factual and informative.  Was it easy to read?   Are there any glaring errors?  What would you like to see covered regarding the early history of the figure as outlined in this sample?  Anything you have to say, please send it to me.  You can just PM me here if you like.   

    There's still a lot of work to be done on the book as a whole but this is the section that needs the most attention due to the difficult nature of piecing together the 30+ year old history of an old toy.   Take your time if you need to.  Publishing the book is still a good 8 months away!  At least.

    Thank you everyone. 

  10. windebieste
    @P. Organism: Thank you.  Fortunately, I am blessed with a speedy healing ability.  Soon, I'll have the artificial skeletal augmentation to accompany it.  I'll be just like, y'know, Wolverine.  ...Wolverbieste?  lol. 

    @I.war:  My father is Polish, hence the name; but I was born in Australia and only speak English.  (Actually, I claim to speak up to 4 languages: English, Bad English, Rubbish and Gibberish.  In this regard, I'm really fluent in Rubbish and Gibberish.  Oh, and Strine, too.  Make that 5 languages I know.  ;D )

  11. Perfect-Organism
    I really love it when people who are passionate about a subject, even an arcane one as this, find a way to build something out of it and share it in a palatable way ( a book, a film) with people.  Well done!

    My best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
  12. windebieste
    @Le C.:  Now that I have a hard copy of the current manuscript, I will be taking it to printers for quotes.  Getting very close to that KickStarter announcement but that won't happen until March.  It certainly won't take place any earlier than that as I will be undergoing hip replacement surgery on Jan 25th.  That will slow me down.  A little.   ;D

    @Pvt. H.: Thank you.

  13. Le Celticant
    @ Le C: Thank you for your support.  ...oh, and thank you for making the soundtrack to the launch video.  That sure made a difference!  (Ironically, the name of the piece Le Celticant composed for the video is called 'Perfect Organism'.  lol.)

    Actually, now that I think about it, drop a link to your music page here.  You should share yer stuff.    ;D

    It's not as much ironical as you would think hehe :D
    Fits well the theme I think.

    It was an honor and a great challenge to work on this.
    I had no idea if I was up to the task to make theme for Alien.
    I got so inspired that the other week I composed two more pieces ;D

    The music in the video was slightly altered to fit the pacing and rythm of the cuts.

    Here is the full soundtrack for anyone who wants to hear it:
    (it comes with free download).


    Keep up posted with that kickstarter campaign !

    Best luck !
  14. windebieste
    It's one of the reasons I released the full chapter that deals with the early history of the figure for free.  While I have managed to reconstruct the events that lead up to the release of the figure, this is all done from an outsider's perspective. 

    Now that the sample has been released, I am hoping for input from people who worked at the company at the time.  I've already had some welcome correspondence from a Guy who worked at Kenner during the 1990's.  So, I'm hopeful someone from around 1979 who worked there will also be able to provide some insight into such processes.  We shall see.  It's not too late to find out.   ;D

  15. windebieste
    @ C. Hicks: Contacting Fox was handled by my IP Consultant.  I really don't know who he corresponded with.

    @ P. Organism:  Originally, the book was to be titled: 'HIDEOUS PLASTIC: 1979 Kenner ALIEN Action Figure' but my IP consultant didn't like the use of the words 'ALIEN' and 'Kenner' in the subtitle.  So I pitched the alternate subtitle 'In stores everyone can hear you scream.' at him and he was totally supportive of that.  Titles are not copyrightable (It turns out they do not carry adequate literary content) but the use of trademarked content in the title could cause me issues. 

    While the subtitle does bare resemblance to the 'ALIEN' tagline, 'In space no one can hear you scream', it's altered to mean something completely different and outside the original meaning Fox used to promote the movie.  The fact that the subtitle also serves as a parody assists greatly in keeping it within the bounds of copyright law(s).

    That's my understanding of how it all works; and the laws do differ from one country to the next.  I'm not a Trademark Attorney - fortunately, I do know someone who is. 

    @ Le C: Thank you for your support.  ...oh, and thank you for making the soundtrack to the launch video.  That sure made a difference!  (Ironically, the name of the piece Le Celticant composed for the video is called 'Perfect Organism'.  lol.)

    Actually, now that I think about it, drop a link to your music page here.  You should share yer stuff.    ;D

  16. Le Celticant

    What a wonderful place full of surprise !
    It's quite a small gold mine for the action figures.
    I never got the chance to own one of the big old Kenner but they look spectacular !

    Much luck in your project Wind, let me know if you need help ;)

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