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Hideous Plastic – In Stores Everyone Can Hear You Scream – Kickstarter Now Live!

In January we reported on a new book, Hideous Plastic, an unauthorised compendium about the infamous 18″ Alien action figure by Kenner. Author Phil Wlodarczyk, also known as Windebieste in the Alien and Predator communities, has taken to Kickstarter to help fund the book!

“HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream is an upcoming non-fiction book dedicated to the Classic 18 inch tall vintage ALIEN action figure manufactured by Kenner Products and released in 1979. The book examines many, many aspects and features of the vintage toy and is currently in an advanced stage of preparation.

At over 200 pages in length, the book is an extensive volume thoroughly investigating the figure.  Among other content present in the book you will find:

  • Full documentation of the notorious figure’s curious and unique history. 
  • A complete spotter’s guide to identifying issues buyers need to be aware of when purchasing one of these old action figures. 
  • A comprehensive restoration and maintenance guide for owners of this vintage toy.
  •  Identification and exploration of the various post-Kenner derivative action figures from now defunct companies such as Tsukuda Hobby and Halcyon up to current manufacturers Gentle Giant and Super 7.”
 Hideous Plastic – In Stores Everyone Can Hear You Scream - Kickstarter Now Live!

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream is an upcoming non-fiction book dedicated to the Classic 18 inch tall vintage ALIEN action figure manufactured by Kenner Products and released in 1979.

Phil’s goal is to raise AUS$25,000 (just under $19,000 US/£16,000 GBP) before the end of April to publish the immensely detailed book.  He has also released a preview edition of the book, which you can find on the Hideous Plastic website, so you can get a taste of what’s in store for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the book or pledging to support the book, you can head on over to the Kickstarter page or the Hideous Plastic website. You can also check out the Hideous Plastic Instagram page and check out some cool photos of the legendary collector’s piece.

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  1. windebieste
    Only 10 hours remains if you want to snag a 30% discount on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter Early Bird Pledge. 10 hours, that is, if you live in Australia.  The rest of the World is not far behind.   Once this Reward Tier has expired, the campaign will still continue for another 30 days but this Reward will no longer be available.

    Now, if the world was flat, time zone issues wouldn't be a problem, would they?  ;)

  2. windebieste
    The HeartStarter FLASH SALE! is now over.  Some people decided to make a Pledge and take advantage of the cheapest rate on offer and that's terrific.  Now that the HeartStarter incentive has expired, it's still not too late to demonstrate your support for this Project and still benefit from a cheaper rate.

    The Early Bird Reward option is still available and offers 30% off the standard Full Print Edition reward.  It's a substantial saving for anyone who wants a copy of the book at a very affordable Pledge level.  Visit the KickStarter campaign page for more details.

  3. windebieste
    The HeartStarter FLASH SALE! Reward Tier is now open for would be Backers on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign.

    It's the cheapest support option on the list that will reward you with a copy of the book.  At 50% off the Full Print Edition you'll be paying half price.  There's just one catch.  Well, two actually.  Firstly, the FLASH SALE is limited to only 50 copies.  If they don't move fast enough, then this Reward Option closes on March 16, less than 48 hours.

    This Reward Tier is intended to appeal to anyone who may be undecided about supporting this Project.  At half price the decision is made for you.  All you have to do is make a Pledge.  Pledges are AU$32.50 (Approx US$25).

    Make a pledge. Make a difference.  Do it now. This offer won't last long.

  4. windebieste
    I will soon be adding the new 'HeartStarter FLASH SALE' Reward Tier to the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign to encourage anyone currently undecided to support this Project. 

    For pledging as little as US$25, you will receive a copy of the book (plus other rewards).

    This new incentive is limited.  For only 48 hours between March 14 and 16, 2017, there will be a 50% discount on the standard Print Edition Pledge.  The HeartStarter FLASH SALE will go live on March 14. 

    Make sure you keep an eye on the campaign page on March 14 to take advantage of this excellent offer.   


  5. windebieste
    Terrific!   ;D  Thank you.  Both of you.

    I do need all the support I can get at this stage so even the smallest piece of effort is appreciated.

    Once the KickStarter is over, I'll knuckle down and work towards delivering the book to supporters by the end of the year.

  6. windebieste
    @C.Hicks: Thank you for the News post; and for backing early.  Appreciated.  A lot. 

    @Morose: If you mean, you'd like to see Super 7 reissue the original Kenner figure, unmodified, then sure.  I'd love to see that, too.  Actually, there are a few modifications I'd like to see made to the figure:

    1).  Ensure that the dome doesn't fall off so easily.  Around 90% of all Kenner figures now lack the dome.
    2).  Make sure that the shoulder spike doesn't break off.  (Fixed in Super 7's 2016 'prototype' figure.)
    3).  Make sure that none of the 4 mouth parts are easily lost or fall out.  (Fixed in Super 7's 2016 'prototype' figure.)

    Yeah, address those issues in a full authentic 18" reissue of the figure and it would be welcome.

    Of course, Gentle Giant's tribute version(s) of the figure fixed these issues already; but at 24 inches tall, their product is a full 25% larger! - and super expensive.  lol.

    @SizzyBubbles:  The book is dedicated to the 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure and its variants.  The figure has been reissued many times in the last 38 years and continues to reappear.  You can find a Gallery on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC website that outlines all the different Kenner derivatives that are documented and investigated further in the book. 

    I strongly recommend you explore that Gallery!  There's a ton of stuff to be found in there.

    There's also a FAQ.  If you need to ask me anything about the book, I'm happy to answer.

    @Nyarlathotep:  NECA won't be covered in this book.  Well, not yet, anyway.  While this book is intended to be a stand alone item, there is plenty of scope for it to be the first volume in a trilogy.  I now have all the infrastructure (website, publisher, legal advice and other 'tools') needed to fulfill the greater Goal of publishing Volumes 2&3 in place.  I also have a sketched plan and outline of the content and layout those follow up books will have.  Right now, though, I need to fund this volume first. 

    If I can get this item funded and published then the likelihood of Volumes 2&3 being developed is very high.  VERY high.  What's more, every 'ALIEN' action figure over the last 38 years will be documented in Volume 2.  Volume 3 is planned to cover all 'AvP' and 'PREDATOR' action figures.  As you can imagine, this is an ambitious task.  If the first volume is a substantial success then any surplus funds gets allocated to those 2 books so each can enter full development. 

    As a trilogy, it's a massive undertaking I have set myself to accomplish and the only way to achieve this Goal is to tackle it as a set of Projects, one at a time.  So the plan is for 3 books to be published; but this book must be a success first.

    If you're interested in 'ALIEN' action figures, I hope you're prepared to make a pledge.  Not only is HIDEOUS PLASTIC an invaluable resource to action figure fans but making this Project a success will lead to so much more.

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