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Predator: Valhalla Fan Film Teaser Trailer & Campaign

We haven’t had any fan films in years and all of a sudden we’ve had three in a week. Predator: Valhalla is the upcoming Predator fan film from Polish filmmaker Artur Filipowicz and it’s set in medieval times where a group of Vikings encounter a lone Predator. It’s another crowdfunding project and the makers are looking for $8000 to make it, most of which will be spent on creating a unique Predator costume.

You check out the campaign on Indiegogo (similar site to Kickstarter) where you can find much more details, concept art and can receive various perks depending on how much you donate. You can also view their Predator: Valhalla Facebook page and the teaser above. It looks like it might be quite a brutal Predator fan film if the teaser is anything to go by.

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  1. Wernest
    Thanks everyone for the support!

    Indiegogo let's you donate by using paypal. This is a Fixed Campaign, if the goal will not be reached - the money will return to you.

    I will update the campaign today with the shipping costs.
  2. tavianini19
    Love the teaser. I'm looking forward to this a lot, cause I've always wanted to make an alien or predator fan film, so other fan films are great inspiration.
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