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Alien vs. Predator Retribution – New AvP Fan Film On The Way!

Back in 2010, Alex Popov wowed the Alien and Predator community with a fantastic fan film called AvP Redemption. He made the film on a budget of $500 and it took him 2 years to complete. The film has been watched more than 1,200,000 times on YouTube. Alex is planning on returning to the world of Alien vs. Predator with a new fan film, a prequel to AvP Redemption; AvP Retribution.

Alex plans to fund his new film with a Kickstarter campaign, the details of which will follow shortly. Until then, enjoy this teaser trailer!

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    That's fantastic! I'm glad to hear that. You would what I'd love to eventually see? A 1 on 1 film. Just one Alien and one Predator and each encounter and each scrap leaves one of the two with significant wounds. That'd be really fun to see.
  2. alexpj19
    Hey guys, thanks for the comments, I feel a lot of love here already towards AVP RB (retribution)! I am planning to do another teaser, a "full" short scene for the fundraising campaign. will be shooting it in a few weeks or so, and will need a few weeks or so to do the post on it. so i'll have some behind the scenes photos coming soon, there might be more exciting news ahead but its too early to say at this point, so stay tuned! :)
    This continues to prove, removing poorly devolved human characters you'll be given what the fans want. Aliens and Predators fighting. Maybe they'll be another attempt to make Alien vs Predator as a movie hopefully one with Colonial Marines like in the dark horse comics. Where movies studios try to give us what htey think we want, we'll always have our fan films.
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