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On Location Pictures from Prometheus in the Isle of Skye

A few days ago we reported that filming on Prometheus was taking place in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Now Skye Guides, a company hired for the shooting and specialised in providing high quality professional mountain guiding and climbing instruction on the Isle of Skye, has published several location pictures from the set of the film. Noomi Rapace is also featured in one the photos. According to Skye Guides:

“A bitter wind was ripping across the slopes removing any heat from the sun & she (Noomi Rapace) looked very glad when her scenes were finished & she was whisked away in a chopper”.

Prometheus Prometheus
Prometheus Prometheus
Prometheus Prometheus
Prometheus Prometheus

You can find more pictures here and here. Thanks to LarsVader for the links.

In related news, Fox Thailand has now released a title-less HD version of the Prometheus teaser trailer from last year. You can watch it here.

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  1. St_Eddie
    Who the heck writes up the articles over at the 'Potty Mouth' site?!  I suppose that it's rather appropriate that the writing is shit!

    Quote from: Potty MouthThis Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender starrer...

    Is "starrer" even a word?!  Surely that sentence should read as "This upcoming motion picture, starring Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender..."

    Quote from: Potty something Scott is all excited about.

    " a project which Scott is very excited about." 

    Quote from: Potty MouthThe high profile director is confident that the 3D format used in this film has a great future in filmmaking.

    "The high profile director is confident that the popular 3D format being used for this film has a bright future within the filmmaking industry."

    Quote from: Potty MouthPrometheus is going to use special effects rather than CG effects.

    Um, CG effects are a type of special effect.  This should read as "Prometheus is to primarily utilise practical special effects, as opposed to a heavy usage of CGI."

    Quote from: Potty MouthBeing his first 3D release and his first science fiction film since Blade Runner 25 years ago, he wants nothing less than perfect.

    "Perfection", not "perfect"!
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