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  1. MrSpaceJockey
    Quote from: dallas001 on May 28, 2011, 07:52:59 PM
    Can we get some useful information here, like set reports that are real and on video. Designs and concepts. NO PLOT DETAILS, just something? Enough about who's in it. B.S.

    Not only did you present this argument in a very obnoxious  manner, but it is near impossible to get your "useful information." You can spend your own time trying to find your concept art.  I for one rather know who is in this film, because it helps not to have crap actors. 
  2. Bat Chain Puller
    Wow. This project is becoming a veritable "Magnolia in Space"

    And I have to learn how to speed read more efficiently, because for some reason I saw "James Bond In Prometheus" which sprang my mind to Daniel Craig as a space marine and when I re-read it  ... it just wasn't the same kind of cool.
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