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H.R. Giger Talks Prometheus

H.R Giger has been talking to Swiss newspapers about his work on Prometheus. The following quote is from Blick:

“Giger potters days and nights, especially in his studio in Zurich on his latest creatures. “It is huge. I can not tell what I’m doing exactly, is “strictly regulated by a contract, he gives few words. Transpired, however, is that “Prometheus” in the “Alien” will play universe. “

This would seem to go against a previous report that Giger is only working in an advisory capacity. Another report states that the Prometheus budget is 230 million. Thanks to Darkoo and Alien Prequel News.

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  1. Mus
    I'd be good to retire at one million. I don't need a forty million dollar car.

    Or okay, maybe not at one million. Unless I moved to like, Thailand or somewhere.
  2. Fujimaster
    I meant same idealistic value. There's just tonnes more money to throw around now then there was 25 years ago. In the 80's a million dollars was something you could retire on @ age 20. Today it might get you that house and car you always wanted. Impressive figures theses days are in the billions.....and I am certainly not saying I would n't mind having a million ;)
  3. Mus
    I checked here, ten million dollars (it wouldn't go higher) came out at a bit above thirty mil in modern dollars. So eleven would be about thirty three today. Fine. If this doesn't turn out to be eight times better than Alien, I'm still going to be pretty angry.
  4. nendo
    u have to remember that not all of the budget will go on the actual production of the movie.

    3D/Imax is quite expensive to do properly. It might only be 50 mil spent on the production of the film. The rest could be split between. 3d/Imax/Cinema time and the rest being spent on a Massive worldwide marketing campeign
  5. Mus
    Resurrection had the biggest one, 80 million. Alien had 11 million. If this doesn't turn out to be twenty three times better than Alien, I'm going to be pissed off.
  6. Ratchetcomand
    230 million might be the biggest budget that a Alien movie had. This movie has to be pretty amazing if they want to make back it's budget. I think the IMAX and 3D tickets will help this movie make back it's budget.
  7. Prime113
    What I believe he was implying was that an Alien movie doesn't need 250 million dollars to be good. And that maybe the budget will effect the look of the film and possible make it PG-13.
  8. Darkoo
    QuoteSwiss newspaper Blick had a chance to talk to Alien designer HR Giger about his involvement in Prometheus.

        "Ridley Scott and I met in London to discuss the details of the project" confirms Giger. "It was a warm reunion after such a long time."

    According to the newspaper, Giger has been busy working in his studio in Zurich on the latest creatures for Prometheus. Unfortunately he's bound by contract to not give away any details.

         "It's going to be huge. I can not tell what I'm doing exactly"

    He does however confirm that Prometheus will take part in the same universe as the Alien series.

    Giger won an Oscar in 1980 for his work on Alien, and the Swiss newspaper asks him if he's hoping for his second Oscar this time.

        "We'll see what the future brings. I did my work but never in terms of awards, otherwise I would have had to adjust."
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