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UK Predators BR/DVD Release

A week or so back in the forums we had some links to HMV’s Predators page but with small cover art on them. Play have just put up their updated Predators pages with some lovely large cover art:

 UK Predators BR/DVD Release

  • Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal
  • Tactics of War: Featurette from Theatrical
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Making A Scene
  • Motion Comics: Moments OF Extraction & Crucified
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Evolution of the Species: Predator Reborn
  • The Chosen: Character Featurette

The UK releases will have the usual cover “Triple Play Edition” (left image), a Play Exclusive Steel Book “Triple Play Edition” and the Predators Trilogy. Thanks to DazAvP85 for the news.

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  1. RoaryUK
    Glad FOX are packaging the Predator Trilogy, but not so keen the way its been done.  If its all 3 films, surely the front cover should be something like, partially silluetted images of Royce, Dutch and Harrigon in front of the classic predator, or the very least with all predator variations featuring the main characters??  Would have made more sense to me anyway.
  2. Bone collector
    I dont understand why Falconer is on the front.While he was my favorite out of the bunch for that awsome sword fight.I cant seem to find a reson for him to be put on the front of the blue-ray box.Something like Mr.Black or classic would make some more sense.It's like sticking wolf on the p2 box(yes I've seen it) why is he there.Or even putting the Hot toys p1 on the Predator box.
  3. Tactikiller
    Am I the only one who's sick of seeing the Falconer posted everywhere?  The whole concept behind the new design of these Predators is sad.  I liked the movie, aside from them, but not enough to buy the dvd sadly.  No one seems to be able to get the Predator right since Predator 2.
  4. JK
    UK again bringing exclusives FIRST!..first dvd deleted scene times now this..big up!!

    big movie! smacking all those other crap films this summer..biggin up Mr Rodriguez! bring on the sequel..bigger budget, bigger names!.
  5. GROND29
    I think the cover art looks good, maybe not as good as the theatrical poster or the new UK Predator Blu Ray. But the Falconer Predator in profile looks pretty damn cool, especially on the exclusive steelbook version, I'll be getting that for sure! I wonder if the 18 cert means that some of the extra gory or violent content that was shot for the film will be put back in as Rodriguez alluded to before the film came out? The additional scenes sound more like extra character moments than predator bits. No word yet, I suppose this could be kept back for the future double dip that fox is known for!
  6. Corporal Hicks
    *yawn* Star Trek 6 doesn't reference or follow any story points from Star Trek 1. Are you telling me they're not the same continuity and shouldn't be boxed together?

    They don't contradict each other, Predators fits into the Predator continuity. Get over it. You're starting to bore.
  7. TheMonolith
    I love the idea of a box set, but who Falcon's mask on the front? He looks cool but he sure as hell isn't THE pred. Should have been Anytime's mask.
    Just nitpicks I guess. if the set is good, I won't bitch any.
  8. HeavenlyBIGFOOT
    what the hell is with everything having the falconer predator on it? i know its considered the coolest mask even though it aint. why is it on everything? at the very least they could have done a mint picture of the predators with the dogs and falconer... with an actual fookin picture of the falcon he uses... coz i dont know what it looks like... overall they are cool... but i prefer the ones that had the posters with royce and the classic predator... just a personal opinion.
  9. RakaiThwei
    So they're packaging the three movies together. Sure, by title it would be a trilogy but storyline wise, it's not.

    Kind of like how they package the Hulk and the Incredible Hulk DVDs.
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