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AvPR DVD/Blu-Ray US Release

More news on the release date of AvPR on DVD. High Def Digest have revealed the AvPR Blu-Ray and standard DVD will go on sale on April 15, 2008 in the US – the same release date as Predator on Blu-Ray.

“Confirming earlier speculation. Fox has alerted retailers that it plans to bring ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’ to Blu-ray this April. Word first surfaced of a ‘AVPR’ Blu-ray release at CES last month, when Fox previewed some of the bonus features planned for the disc, including a BD-Live-based interactive game. Anticipation was further stoked only days later when Fox announced an April 15 Blu-ray debut for the original ‘Predator’ — a date which promised to be an obvious cross-promotional launch for the latest big-screen installment. Now Fox has confirmed to retailers that the dueling species of ‘Requiem’ will indeed attack Blu-ray on April 15, day-and-date with the standard-def DVD.”

Thanks to Samus007 for the news.

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  1. chaz
    you have to understand avp r and alien/aliens cant be compared. avp r was what an avo movie should be. lots of violence.  but if i had to rate alien and aliens. id give alien a 10 and aliens and 9.5. those movies were story driven and action/suspense. avp r was not  avp r compared to alien(s) would be like a 3
  2. chaz
    salerno blows. did you guys watch avp? he wrote that garbage  im gonna go out and say salernos script was probably horrid so the bros re wrote some of it  i dont know why most dont like avpr i thought it was better than avp and took a step in the right direction i would give it a 6.5-7 out of 10
  3. dvader27
    well all look on the bright side they are working to get all that was cut back into the film that was taken away beside whoever liked it or hated it it really did keep to the the alien and predator series should look so what if the strause brothers were predator fans and anderson was an alien fan you all gotta remember  whoever wins winner takes all
  4. Xenomorphine
    No, SK. The directors can share some of the blame, because a number of bad things about the film were down to how they were filmed and had nothing to do with budget or script.  They have also been very enthusiastic about a number of other negative factors which had nothing to do with them, too.
  5. "Flare"thePredator
      8)     :D   I hope that the brothers make an AvP3 in a couple of months or in 2009. AvP-R was a great movie guys,especially the Predalien.It was the coolest of the Xenomorph's i have ever seen.I defently hope that the brothers make an Avp3.   ;D     8)  
  6. theclash
    The Strause Bros are to blame.  They didn't direct the actors, the action scenes sucked, they are Predator fanboys, and they rewrote a lot of Salerno's script.  They are 100% to blame for AvP 2's crappiness.
  7. konradski
    to the uk guys just check you can have them send you an email when its available  also they  have the sound track of the film for £8.95 the pred figure that the guys posted on this site is £9.99 free p&p all the 7" figures are 9.99 free p&p should i say here look for yourselve,s ing=alien+vs+predator+requiem&page=search&pa =search&go.x=48&go.y=10  note the price,s usualy drop on items  and they usualy have the films when they come out in america due to them being jersey based (no not new jersey)   ::)   there are other site,s but i wont post them as their foreign and i wouldnt want somone going wtf this and how do i read taiwanese/insert asian country here   ;D   stick to the easy  one .uk chaps    ;)  
  8. Bio Mech Hunter
    Starkiller: "For anybody who hates the movie (which you are entitled to) dont blame the bros. blame shane for a lame script and fox for a rubbish budget and all there restrictions!"  I agree for the most part, but likewise, it's this same reason fans REALLY need to lay off Anderson.   ;)    I really can't say I'd be happy if the Strause Bros. returned to do an AVP3, though. lol There were quite a few very stupid decisions made on their part, and their part alone. Mainly regarding canon and faithfulness to both the franchises, and the creatures themselves.   >:(  
  9. samus007
    Suggested retail is going to be 39.99, which means that on Amazon it will sell for probably 24.99 or 29.99, like most Blu-Ray discs are on Amazon. As for the standard DVD, 14.99 week one, then 19.99 for a while, then 9.99 at the bargain bin.  I may not have loved the movie, but i am looking forward to adding it to my collection. And seeing it in HD will be nice.  :)
  10. Bio Mech Hunter
    Cool. Even though I found the movie extremely disappointing (I'd like to slap around the Strause Bros. for several stupid decisions; namely the incessent Pred worshipping   :P  ), I'm still picking it up. lol It's not like I hated the film.  Hell, I'd probably pick it up even if I did hate it just because I'm an obsessive compulsive completist. lol   ;)  
  11. Starkiller
    I really like the bros. they are good people and hardcore fans! iv'e said it alot of time's but if there is an AVP3 (i hope so) then the brothers strause have to return to direct as they are taking the franchise in the right direction, if only they had a great script, budget, cast and crew, they would make an epic.  For anybody who hates the movie (which you are entitled to) dont blame the bros. blame shane for a lame script and fox for a rubbish budget and all there restrictions!  Peace to colin and greg, may the force be with you    ;)  
  12. Cellien
    Considering Predator Blu-Ray is to be $40 with not a lick of special features, I wonder how much AvP-R will be since it has special features.  $60? $80? $100?  Fox is retarded even at $40.
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